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November 05, 2004 :: Download Steganos Internet Anonym PRO 7.1.0

Steganos Security Suite is a comprehensive and easy-to-use encryption software package. The product provides 128-bit AES encryption and can now encrypt and store up to 128 GB of data in the Safe in real-time, thus enabling users to securely archive digital photo albums, scrapbooks, and other large, confidential data files.

It also contains the latest version of Internet Trace Destructor, which destroys 97 different types of PC/ Internet traces; the Deep Cleaning Shredder, which completely eliminates remnants of hard-drive data that previously were deleted by other means; and a multilingual dictionary of more than a half million commonly used words that shouldn't be used as passwords.

Steganos Security Suite continues to feature the File Manager, which provides steganographic capabilities; one-click e-mail encryption; and the Steganos Portable Safe for secure data transport.

Download Steganos Internet Anonym PRO 7

  • Anonymous on the Net at the click of a button. Over 100 servers disguise your IP address. You change identity every second!
  • NEW: Surf safely and in comfort. Deactivates interfering Web sites, stops pop-up windows and ActiveX dialers.
  • NEW: Map of the world showing your camouflage location. Live! You can track how your proxy server changes.
  • NEW: Direct access out of the Internet Explorer. Easy to use thanks to the plug in.
  • NEW: Password-protected list of favorites. Your favorite Web sites remain private.
  • NEW: With Internet Trace Destructor 6.5: Deletes even more traces: Cache, Cookies, Internet Explorer, AOL, T-Online, Office. Now also supports KaZaA, Opera, Mozilla, ICQ and more!
  • NEW: Now also contains the Deep Cleaning Shredder : Removes unwanted data from your hard drive without a trace.
  • NEW: The tried-and-tested Data Shredder now also with the Gutmann method , if required: data is overwritten 35 times!
  • You can select the browser: Anonymous Web surfing works with all browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla...
  • With ProxyScout(tm): Use only the best servers - invisibility guaranteed!
  • Web cam anonymization: Be anonymous in video chats!
  • Faster: Automatic fast servers!
  • Very easy to use: Just one click is all it takes!
  • Ideal for: Family PCs, online banking and brokerage, chat rooms, erotic websites, online recruitment sites, PC repairs, sales and hire.