WinDates Announcement

The WinDates calendar software is no longer available for sale.  I have accepted a position with Trumba Corporation, the developer of the online Trumba Calendar service.  In order to avoid a conflict of interest, I must discontinue development and further sale of the WinDates calendar software.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and encourage you to try Trumba Calendar at


Dan Hickman
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WinDates 5.1


Freeware Desktop Talking Alarm Clock Reminder


WinDates Calendar Software

WinDates v5.1 Released!
"Never miss Mother's Day or a Birthday Again!"

Are you tired of rushing to the store at the last minute to pick up that card or gift for birthdays and holidays?  Or even worse, did you miss that special occasion altogether?  WinDates was created to make sure you don't forget.

Are you always trying to remember how old your friends or relatives are going to be or how many years mom and dad have been married?  Impress them this year by remembering with the WinDates age calculator.  Enter it once and be reminded every year.

"Organize your Business!"

Do you have trouble keeping track of when and where your meetings and appointments are?  Do your co-workers know when you're available to meet?  WinDates tracks your busy schedule and shares it with your co-workers through shared calendars.

Have you ever had a client in the office but all the conference rooms and projectors are in use?  WinDates tracks room and equipment schedules and shares that information throughout your office so everyone knows.

Do you have one calendar at work and another calendar at home that you can never seem to get in sync?  Internet calendar sharing is the answer.

"Get Connected!"

Are you responsible for your school, sports team, club or church schedule?  Do you need to organize and share that schedule with the group?  WinDates organizes schedules into calendars and publishes them to Internet for your group to see.

Your favorite team is playing this weekend, but who's the opponent and what time is the game?  WinDates can subscribe to Internet Calendars that have been published by others so you can have your team schedule right in your WinDates calendar. 

WinDates is a highly rated date organizer and reminder that allows you to track Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Appointments, or any type of event.  The WinDates calendar software automatically calculates holidays such as Easter and Mother's Day which can be hard to remember because they may fall on a different date each year.

"Your Internet Calendar!"

WinDates opens up the world of sharing Internet Calendars stored in the "iCalendar" standard format.  There are hundreds of free calendars available in areas such as sports, entertainment, concerts, group events, holidays, and many more.  These calendars can be easily loaded directly into WinDates and displayed in your own personalized calendar list.

WinDates provides the ability to create your own calendars and share them for others to view through their web browser or download into their copy of WinDates. 

General Features

WinDates provides an interactive calendar, event list, alarms, local area network support, printing, birthday age calculation and many customization options including international date, time and calendar formats.  WinDates supports many customizable event types including one-time, weekly, monthly and yearly events as well as custom events such as last Sunday in May.

WinDates will run on any of the following versions of Microsoft Windows:
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP and 2003.