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Hi folks! We're aware that Firefox and Chrome users may currently be unable to play this game. If you're having a difficult time getting the game to work, we recommend playing it using the Internet Explorer browser.


Gutterball 2
Gutterball 2


Get strikes! Use the mouse to position your bowler, hold your mouse button down and drag downward to start your throw, then drag up and release the button to throw the bowling ball. How far and fast you drag up determines the speed of the ball. Try different bowling balls and see which one works best for you and the lane (it changes daily) you are playing.


Me Scoring 300 On Gutterball 2 On ALL 5 Levels!











The most realistic 3D bowling game is back! Five brand-new alleys, 25 new eye-catching balls, tricky computer opponents, more modes and the most realistic physics to date. Check out the re-birth of the original 3D bowling game!

Current Version:
2.0p (Nov. 19th, 04)

98, NT, ME, XP, 2000

Macintosh: Mac OSX 10.1+

System Requirements
700Mhz, 128MB RAM
DirectX 7.0 or Open GL

Gutterball 2 Read Me Check this out for 3D performance tuning tips and more!

Players are Saying...

"The most fun I have ever had playing a bowling game on my pc!!!!"

"Outstanding graphics! Great sound! Wonderful action!"

"I liked that it was challenging, had some cool new levels to play on and unlock. I like that there are goals and new balls to unlock. It has a good interface, good design, and good setup. The announcers are cool this time. And it seems to me that the pins are more realistic in movement."

"EXTRA FUN!!!!! love it!!!!"

"Well, the graphics for one thing, the reflections on the lanes, and the announcers are a huge improvement over the first. Also the game now really has that arcade feel that I like in games. Its a game I would come back to over and over again without getting bored of it."