Junp To "Traditional Checkers" You do not have to jump in "Grandpa Play"


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"Traditional Checkers" You do not have to jump in "Grandpa Play"



How To Win:

Checkers is played between two players who alternate moves. The player who cannot move, because he/she has no more pieces, or because all his pieces are blocked, loses the game.

How To Play:

The game of checkers is played on the dark squares only. Each player starts with 12 pieces on the 12 dark squares closest to his/her edge of the board. Red always moves first.

Single/Multiplayer Game: Before playing, you must decide which type of game you wish to play. To play against real live human beings there are two options:

  1. You can Join Any Open Game , which means you will be paired up randomly against another person waiting to play, but you won't be able to chat.

  2. You can Create or Join A Private Game , in which case you and a friend select a screen name and password for your private table.

Jumping: A piece can only move to an unoccupied square. In order to capture an opponent's piece you must jump over it, diagonally, to the adjacent unoccupied square.

You can only jump one piece with any given jump; however, you may jump several pieces with a move of several jumps. When a piece is jumped it is removed from the board

  • Move by Clicking and Dragging the piece or by clicking near the destination point.

Rules of Jumping:

  1. You may not jump your own piece.
  2. If you are in a position to jump, you must. This rule applies to multiple jumps as well.
  3. You may not jump the same piece twice in the same move.
  4. Any piece can jump a King.

Kinging: If you get any of your pieces all the way to the far edge of the board, that piece becomes a king, and a second checker is placed on top of that piece. Kinged pieces have the ability to move diagonally forward and backward. A piece that was just Kinged cannot continue jumping pieces until the next move.


"In Traditional Checkers"

You do not have to jump in "Grandpa Play"


How To Play Checkers
"Traditional Checkers" You do not have to jump in "Grandpa Play"