Amerispec Complaint

I have a problem with another company, Amerispec, whose parent company is also ServiceMaster. It doesnít have to do with arbitration but with limited liability. My case is similar to the Georgia case Amerispec vs. Cross - 1994.  Amerispec lost in arbitration, but this case was appealed. They lost in appelate court. They appealed to the Supreme Court of Georgia and lost again. The lawyer who handled this case was David Parnham 770.464.1164, Supreme Court of Georgia - s95c0605.

I found this information after I purchased a home after he reported there were no major problems with the house. After I purchased the house and attempted to get my bathroom redesigned, the contractors informed me that there were major structural problems and code violations.  I then requested the inspector to amend the report. He did so -- in writing.  He told me due to the limited liability clause, all he had to return were the fees that I paid him.

I am a poor individual who cannot afford the $1,000 to $2,000 for arbitration. I canít participate in arbitration without a lawyer. I was told this by several arbitration ďcenters.Ē I have around $30,000 of damage to my home that need to be repaired. I planned on renting my home out and then moving on, but I canít afford to do the repairs, and I canít afford to fight for my money. I can only register complaints and hope to win $15,000 in small claims court. After reading your site,, I have decided to file with my insurance company. I am registering my case with every state and national organization possible.  Hopefully, I can help someone else.

My Terminix Nightmare