ARS Complaints

The following complaint/information regarding American Residential Services (ARS), a ServiceMaster subsidiary is unverified.  I believe it or wouldn’t post it; you may judge for yourself if you believe it.

Maryland - 8/28/07.  I wish to inform you that ARS is continuing to provide totally unacceptable and substandard service.  I recently requested ARS to service my air-conditioner.  My air-conditioner is a Trane and was installed by ARS only 4 years ago and is still under warranty.  The service technician came out on August 4, 2007, and said that he could not fix it because he needed a part.  He indicated that it would take 3-5 days before the part would be received.  I repeatedly called ARS regarding the status of the part and received no information other than the part had been ordered.  Then I was told the part would arrive on Wednesday, August 22, and it would be installed Thursday August 23 -- already several days beyond the promised time period.  On Wednesday, August 22, I was told the part had not only not arrived, that it had been “back-ordered” by the distributor.  It seemed that no one at ARS even realized that before then.  Since then I have been given daily dates as to when the mystical part would arrive.  I was finally told it had not even been shipped until August 22, the date it was supposed to be received by ARS.  On Monday, August 27, 2 weeks after the initial visit of the technician, I was told the part was still not in yet, but it MIGHT arrive later that day and to call again on Tuesday, August 28. Needless to say, the part did not arrive; and I was told maybe it would arrive on Wednesday, August 29 -- 15 days and 3 times as long as the outside estimate that I was given for the system’s repair when the service technician first came out.

As of today, the air-conditioning still has not been repaired; and there is no definitive word when it will be repaired. During this period of time, I had the pleasant experience of having to live in a house that was not air-conditioned, while the temperature in the DC area hit record levels -- 102 degrees at one point.  I would also note the installation of my furnace and air conditioner failed to pass inspection and was red stickered for two months.  The humidifier also leaked all over my basement, and the duct work was not properly secured -- all of which required me to take time off from work to be present when the service technician or inspector came back again for yet another visit. ARS's recent lousy performance evaluations in such publications as Washington’s Checkbook are well and truly deserved.

Miami, Florida - 5/06. Doing the same thing in the Air conditioning business with ARS.  Former service mananger.

(ARS-2) 10/01. My husband was recently laid off by AMS, American Mechanical Services, which is the commercial division of ARS. His boss, the “Service Manager,” and I use that term loosely, told him there was no work for him. It’s funny that there is no work, because he had a full schedule that week. We later found out, through a friend that still works there, that my husband’s accounts were turned over to other service techs, so obviously there is still work.

When my husband asked why he was laid off and not one of the two people under him who have less seniority than him, he was given the reason that we lived further away and he made more money ($1.00 per hour more).  In my opinion, he was wrongly laid off, so I got out the AMS employee manual that states on page 19 under Reductions in Force or Layoffs:

“from time to time, business necessity may dictate that there must be a reduction in the labor force. Determining who will lose their job is a difficult process.  However, when employees are relatively equal in respect to their knowledge or qualifications, efficiency, skills, attitude, and performance, seniority shall be a factor in regard to a layoff.  Otherwise, each of those factors shall be weighed independently.”

We don’t think these things were considered in this instance, so I called the President of ServiceMaster, who put me in touch with the head of Human Resources. He has been in touch with me two times and told me he would find out what is going on.  It has only been a week, but I will pursue it until I am convinced my husband was not wronged!

Update 11/01 -- They have not called us back, and I contacted an attorney who says we do not have a case. I only hope other people don’t have to go through the same thing we have.

(ARS-1). I have read your site about your Terminix/SVM nightmare. You have left out the most crooked part of SVM, American Residential Services.  My long-time employer was bought by ARS, and ARS was bought by SVM about a year and a half later.  I may give out your web site address to some of the many consumers that have been cheated and lied to by ARS.

Amerispec Complaint