These are just some of the complaints submitted by people stating they are current or former Terminix employees or spouses of Terminix employees.   The information provided is unverified. Judge for yourself if you believe them, as I do.

Employee Complaints

Masassas, Virginia - 12/05.  I worked for Terminix in Manassas, Virginia, for two years. The incompetence that we technicians had to deal with was disgusting.  Many times, we had no supplies to properly do our jobs.  In the summer of 2004, we were actually using plain water at customers’ homes since management did not order the materials we needed. The really bad thing is that we collected payment for these "services" when they were rendered. I listened to customer complaints about the company from day one. Customer service did not exist.  The customers were treated rudely and given the runaround more often than not. It's a shame that such a well known "trusted" company treats their customers with such deceit and disrespect.  As a consumer, I would not use or recommend Terminix to anyone.

? - 12/05.  Was told during an interview and subsequent meetings with a Terminix Branch Manager that I would receive a base pay in addition to 20% of the route that I was to take over. The money sounded great, so I left my job and went to work for them. After riding with the other technicians, I quickly realized through conversation that the base salary was taken back once the commission on the route surpassed it.  Then, I received a healthcare package that simply blew my mind.....$460.00/mo.?  I have a friend who has his own business and is self-insured, and he pays less than this which leads me to believe that ServiceMaster contributes nothing to their health plan.
Well, thank God I didn't burn my bridges with my old job; because I am happily employed again with them.....a thousand dollars or so poorer from my month with Terminix but nonetheless employed.  After reading many of the posts with regard to improper applications and the like, I do have to give credit to the Terminix branch that I worked for briefly.....they did follow the laws and did their best to help their customers.

Northern California - 12/05.  Was ordered to apply chemical in rainy weather, or lose my job.

Illinois - 11/05.  I have spent a great deal of time going through this site and have to agree with 99% of the complaints. As a recent former employee I disagree that the techs are not trained properly. We all were properly trained at the branch I worked in. The problem is the policy of getting new customers at the expense of old ones.  We were expected and ordered to work late nights and weekends. Myself and several others put in over 72 hours per week.  This policy will cause service to suffer no matter what industry you’re in. We (techs) at this branch still tried to do the utmost for our customers on our routes. This is where my problems started. See, I was fired for getting injured. It was two days until the end of the month and the push was on. All acounts had to be satisfied regardless of customers’ wants. I was doing an outside treatment (I was unable to contact customer), and I tripped over their kids toys in the weeds and fell off a 4-foot retaining wall and landed on my side on still more toys. I hurt but finished out the month.  On the next Monday (the new month), I was unable to finish the day.  I had to cancel the appiontments I had and head to the doctor.  The pain increased so bad that I was unable to fully push the brakes in the sevice truck.  I had to idle home from another town. I followed the rules and notified the office.  It took a week of tests and 4 specialists to find the extent of my injuries.  I now have a hiatal herniea and torn ab. muscles (inoperable).  If they go in and operate, they say I will not be able to lift anything heavier that a gallon of milk. But if it heals on its own, I might gain back some of the streagth. My branch manager (while still under doctor’s care) announces to the company during a meeting that I was terminated for missing work. I was not told by the manager for three more weeks and was repeatedly lied to by the office. If it wasn't for several coworkers calling me (everyone in the meeting), I would not have found out until I tried to return to work. I also learned that the Illinois at-will law that was designed to protect workers actually protects the company. I am unable to sue for wrongful termination, but I am suing for workers’ comp. They never let me file with the office saying I didn't qualify for short-term disability. The way they treated me has opened the eyes of the other techs. They are leaving as soon as they can.  Many have already quit. This (naturally) isn't going to help the service in this branch. Three more techsare about to leave and join the four of us.

Indiana - 11/05.  Bravo!!!!!  As a former employee who was also kicked around for doing the job "correctly," I applaud this site!!!! Open your eyes, people.  Terminix is a rip off.  To all of you who plan on going ahead with Terminix, I suggest you make your salesman "work" for his contract.

El Dorado, Arkansas - 10/05.  I am a former employee of Terminix, and I think that the company and it's "MANAGERS" do not care about customers or employees.  They are all about "self."  I was "laid off” due to the budget (I was told that there was not enough money in the budget to pay me for the next quarter, that was over a year ago. I guess the money is still not in the budget.  God has blessed me with a much better job pay wise and management wise.)  When I asked the manager about my final check when it was not correct, he told me that I should get an attorney to sue the company. Yeah, the manager at one of Terminix's braches advised me to sue. I worked 40 hrs. every week and on one occasion I was only paid for 18 hrs.  I was a single mom and 18 hrs just don't get it.  It took them 2 weeks to pay me. Terminix claims that they acknowledge God in all that they do. One of God's commandments says: “Thou shall not lie.”  I think that they need to stop saying that.

Virginia - 9/05. I am a former Terminix "Inspector" Sales Associate.  I was 10th in the region after my first 5 months in the field.  I prided myself on the fact that I went out of my way to get the consumer the best possible price.  I rarely sold the termite bait products to consumers, although they were the  products we were instructed to push.  The bait products are overpriced and take time to be effective (Sentricon & Advance).  Our Region Manager came into the sales room one morning and told us that we were to sale the "Bait"  for $2 less a foot than what the rate card showed.  This was good news, it made the product financially viable for alot of customers.  In the month following, I sold bait at a 3 to 1 bait to liquid ratio and I felt good about selling it.  Around that time, the Region Manager informed us that he made a mistake and the "Bait" was not to be sold at that price, or we would not be paid commissions on those sales.  We were assured that we would be paid commission on the sales prior to that day.  The commissions were not paid, I  addressed this with our branch manager and was again assured that it was no problem he would take care of it. I gave one-month’s notice after accepting an offer in another field.  It has been three months since the bait incident, and I still have not received commission for those "Bait" sales. Once I brought up small claims court and a warrant in debt, I was threatened with arbitration.  The sad thing is, they know they owe me that money.  Now that I’ve moved on, they feel they can ignore me and I’ll just go away. I have lost alot of respect for all of those involved.

Texas - 7/05. I live in Abilene and worked for Terminix not quite a year.  I was with another company that was purchased by Terminix, so after the acquisition, I became the Service Manager for the Abilene Branch.  I never felt completely comfortable with the way they did business, but when I was told by the branch manager to flat out lie to a customer, it was the beginning of the end of my employment with them.  The inspection was for a termite damage claim due to the ineffectiveness of the Sentricon System. Prior to our arrival at the site, he cautioned me to not say anything unless specifically asked.  That request was not unreasonable I thought.  What he said next hit me like a ton of bricks.  He said there was a lot of damage, as he had been to the house at least once before to look at the damage.  He instructed me to carry a can of aerosol insecticide, and should I find any live activity, I was to inject the active area with aerosol, give it a few minutes, then bring the damage to their attention. I was to state that this was "previous" damage.  If I allowed the customer to see the live activity, then not only would the branch be responsible for another multi-thousand dollar claim, but more than likely, the regional manager would terminate my employment over it. I asked him if his intention was for me to lie to the customer.  He said he didn't care what I told the customer, as long as I didn't tell them live activity was found. The last thing he or the regional manager wanted to hear was that we had to pay another claim. These orders were handed down from the regional manager himself. He said I had enough experience behind me that I could take the liberty to be "creative" with my findings in such a way as to benefit the branch and the well as save my job.  Luckily, I found no live activity at the site.  This was probably due to the fact that he waited to get me to inspect it until after the remodeling was almost halfway over with. I told him that if it came down to it, I would have more than likely lost my job because I had never been one to lie to customers, even at the risk of keeping myself out of trouble.  Needless to say, the amount of hassles and hard times exponentially multiplied for me until I finally called it quits and separated me and my conscience from the nightmare I called a job.  I am now one of their competitors and I can rest much easier now that I can tell the truth. As a matter of fact, the company I am currently employed with actually ENCOURAGES the truth, at all costs. If you think Terminix treats its customers bad, you should try working for them! Except for the fact that a sucker is born every minute, I am not sure how Terminix stays in business, because employee relations and customer service are NOT their concerns. The only thing they strive for is to increase earnings for the stockholders and the "powers that be" in Memphis.

California - 5/05. I was an inspector for TERMINIX for three years and had to fight for my customers every time things went wrong.  I went out on a leave of absence for a back injury and when I returned I was let go the same day. I have filed a law suit.  Do not let these people continue to discriminate against you.  Go after them.  There are many law firms that will help you.  If you need help, contact me.  I will be happy to give you any info you need.  They hired me under the impression they were a Christian company.  Nothing could be  farther from the truth. Like everyone says, "it’s about the bottom line."  Employees or ex-employees may e-mail me at

Dallas, Texas - 5/05. Everything you say on this site is correct. I am a current employee of many years.  Terminix is falsifying contracts daily. I am happy for the ex-employees who have left the company and saddenened by the many customers who have been misled. I have filed many documents to officials of Terminix only to have nothing done. I too have to make a decision on what to do now. All I  know is that I am an honest employee trying to make a living for my family, but I can`t sleep at night knowing that this kind of behavior cannot be stopped. The only response I get from Terminix is to resign. There are  several technicians losing pay to (what I call bogus contracts) in pay incentives and also members of Service bonus incentives. The only people I see profitting are salespeople. Maybe someday the right people will be affected by this and be able to solve the  problem.