These are just some of the complaints submitted by people stating they are current or former Terminix employees or spouses of Terminix employees.   The information provided is unverified. Judge for yourself if you believe them, as I do.

Employee Complaints

New York - 12/00.  I was with Terminix for fifteen years.  I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I started making waves in the branch.  More so when Sentricon came on the scene, which, by the way, is completely useless.  I probably sold approximately 500 accounts for them.  Do you know that Terminix was unable to come up with 20 accounts that were satisfied?  Assuming they had the service for two years. A new customer would be unable to tell.

While I was in their employ, I documented quite a bit of data on all their illegal activities and violations.  My manager at the time was also doing the same thing. I was fired, as was my manager. I am leaving out the year all this happened for fear of retaliation. As you can see, I am paranoid, with good reason.  I have witnessed what they can do to intimidate ex-employees. Here is the blockbuster. All the information I had was submitted to [the state’s regulatory agency]. I was also contacted by [a major investigative television news program]. I think this site is great, and I commend you sticking to your guns.  We need more people like you.

California - 10/00.  As an ex-employee of Terminix, I find your web page very informative, especially employee complaints. The Terminix pay/commission structure works you to death, makes them money, and you have nothing to show for it. Please keep up the good work.  The bottom line with Terminix is money at all costs.  ServiceMaster professes to honor God... wrong.  They only honor money.  I know how dishonest they are.

? - 10/00.  Fortunately, it only took me six months at Terminix to realize just how deep the greed and total disregard for customer (and employee) concern go.  Protect yourself before they ruin you (they will)!

Texas - 10/00.  I am a Terminix employee in Texas.  I have been with the company for eight months.  I was excited when I was first hired. I thought I had found my dream job.  Little did I know that it would become my nightmare.  I hadn’t been there very long when I discovered I was being misled and lied to.  From day one, I was led to believe I would make 25% of my route’s production once I was assigned a regular route.  During my training, I was paid $9 per hour.  I was getting a lot of overtime, because the branch was shorthanded (now I know why). My pay went downhill from that point on. I found out we get a base salary of $1500 per month. Commission is paid for production over that amount.  My service manager never told me anything other than I would make 25% of my route’s production. A $10,000 route would produce a paycheck of $2,500 per month -- not bad money. I, on the other hand, was assigned a route that had been so severely abused that the customers who hadn’t canceled were so irate that it was frightening to me when I went to their homes.  Cancellations and allowances affect the amount of percentage paid on your production.  My route was so bad I never made over the base of $1500. The route was only producing $6500 with around 120 stops when I took it over.  I had built it up to right under $10,000 in three-month’s time by providing customer service no one in that area had ever experienced.

At this time, I thought I could really turn it around. I was still gung-ho. Spending between 25 and 35 minutes per service, I thought I was pushing the envelope of providing excellent customer service. I was instructed to spray the outside of my customers’ homes if they were not at home at the time I had set up for their service.  Locked gates, dogs, and other variables made this seem like a terrible waste of money for the customer, all the while they are believing they are getting “protection.”  I feel like a criminal when I do what I call “half a service.”  This is when I realized the rip off Terminix perpetrates on its customers.  My route area was expanded two months ago.  I now service over 500 square miles in my territory with over 240 stops per month.  This does not include extra services and new pest control starts.  If I spend more than 15 minutes at each stop, I will never be able to finish my route in the period designated for completion (monthly).  There is no way a thorough job could be done under these conditions.  I have been keeping a log book on all the things that take place in my branch. Far too numerous to go into in this letter. I rarely get home before 7 p.m. and even then I have hours of scheduling and related paperwork to do. I am looking for another job.  As a matter of fact, I was looking for another job idea when I found your web site. I wish there was a way to get more potential victims this information before they make the mistakes so many of us have already made.  Keep up the web site, because Terminix will continue to rip people off and grow profitably from it. Their slogan “Honor God” is a farce. God will get them for what they are doing! I would be glad to continue with some more facts if you are interested.

New Jersey - 10/00.  I was an employee of Terminix in the state of New Jersey for about one year.  I left the company to move on to a different career for LESS pay! Yes, that’s right. Less pay.  The decrease in pay was well worth it after I explain to you how Terminix treated me and other employees.  I can also tell you how their salespeople have outright lied to customers in order to make a sales commission.

First of all, after I was with Terminix for two months, I received from my branch manager two certificates stating I had passed the Terminix basic pest control certification and basic termite certification (two tests I had never taken.) Being somewhat curious, I asked my branch manager if I may see my employment file. (I told him I was just interested in seeing how many dependents I claimed on my W-2 form.)  To my astonishment, there were two photocopies of the mentioned exams with my name on them but not in my handwriting.  I thought to myself, how can a million dollar company like Terminix do something like this? What if I was negligent and accidentally polluted someone’s drinking well? Would I be held liable because Terminix decided not to give me the proper training, but let someone else take the certification exams for me?

I’ll be quite honest with you. There were times when I was hesitant to leave the company vehicle parked in front of my house because of Terminix’s reputation in fear of a disgruntled customer vandalizing personal property or my personal vehicle. I do know for a fact that once Terminix receives your money, they do not want to hear from you any more.  They just don’t care.  They constantly misplace customer files, invoice receipts, and their employee benefits package SUCKS! After 90 days of employment, you are eligible for basic medical coverage.  I did not get coverage until after five months because the morons down in Memphis had lost files or stated, “We never received it.” (A saying you hear quite often with this company.)

Now on to the really good stuff. Say you’re called to a home of a 75-year old couple who can hardly walk, are all hunched over and tremoring from Parkinson’s disease.  If you tell them they have “live termites” in the crawl space of their home, do you expect them to go into the crawl space and check for themselves?  Of course not, so why not tell them they have termites even though they don’t and get yourself a nifty 15% commission check! Terminix is known for doing this, and they have been doing it for a long time.

As for their creed “To honor God in all we do” -- Phooey!

California - 9/00.  My husband has been with Terminix for several years now; and up until recently, we have had little complaints. Recently, however, my husband witnessed a heartbreaking scene and was then told to keep his mouth shut when he tried to tell someone.  They were doing a fumigation on a house and didn’t properly clear the house before they turned on the gas.  Unfortunately, the owner’s cat was still in the house.  The cat was suffocated. This is unfortunate and is very sad, but the actions taken by the managers was awful. They were told to put the cat in a bucket and throw it in the dumpster. When the owner asked about the cat, he was told they hadn’t seen it.  I tried to file a complaint with the State Pest Control Board here in California but was told it is not a crime to be negligent and kill an animal.  The owner is probably still wondering where his poor beloved pet is.

Web mistress Note: Since when are only “crimes” reportable to the California Structural Pest Control Board?  Shouldn’t “crimes” be reported to law enforcement agencies???

? - 8/00.  I am considering suing Terminix for sexual discrimination.  It broke my heart to read all the deceit that is within the parent company.  The Terminix I work for is a franchise that apparently runs the same horrible practices as its parent company.  The funny thing is, shortly after reading all of your suits and employee complaints, I found several of my customers referring to your web site, telling about the suits that are out there in the world. The company I work for is comprised of a bunch of butt-heads.  Even my attorney asked me if they are “really that stupid.”  One of my former bosses said it isn’t stupidity, it is arrogance... that was perfectly said.

? - 8/00.  Here I sit now, three weeks on the job, waiting for my first pay check. What’s so funny about Terminix is they send me out for the last three weeks to collect on delinquent customers and suspended accounts but when it comes time to pay my salary, I get nothing! I have been told numerous times that my pay was on the way; and lo and behold, it never arrives. First, I was told it will be there on the 4th, next I was told, “Oh, it will be the l1th that you get your pay.”  Then on the 11th while helping answer the phones, I took a call from the payroll people in Memphis and was told to let the branch manager know, “The new hire packet that was lost has been found, and we will send out a check as soon as the branch manager faxes a request.”  I had the office page the branch manager and have him come back to the office so I could give him a piece of my mind for lying to me. When he arrived, he made one excuse after another and then phoned Memphis to determine if I could get a check. After speaking to Memphis, he told me he had to fax a request to them and my check would be overnighted to me on Saturday. Well, here it is Saturday, and my check has still not arrived. Well, to make my point, I must say this company cares more about their profit and not enough about their employees and customers.

Hawaii - 8/00.  I have been a valued employee at Terminix for the better part of a year.  I have been working under the misconception that I was supposed to take care of my customers. I don’t get paid for overtime worked.  This is the first job I have ever had where I have not gotten at least two raises by now.  My work ethic has not changed.  I am still a hard worker.

I was going to e-mail the company and complain about poor management at our branch.  I just happened to stumble onto your site, which I found very enlightening. I thought there was some mistake why I wasn’t getting any overtime. Now I understand.  I hesitate to give too many details about my situation on account I am still an employee.  I will tell you that I wholeheartedly believe everything on your site to be true.  I don’t understand how they can still be in business. One of my customers told me they were going to cancel before I started treating them.  I believe they will be looking for a new pest control service in the very near future. I am going to quit without any notice.  I don’t need Terminix for a reference when I can provide a whole list of satisfied customers. I’m being forced out of the company for doing a good job.  I’ve realized a lot lately, mostly thanks to you.  I tell everyone I see about your site.  I thought it was just our branch.

California - 8/00.  I am a Terminix employee in the state of California.  While I enjoy the work I do and can afford to live in the Silicon Valley, I must agree with some of the letters you have posted; but not all of Terminix or its employees are to blame.  At the branch I work at, my managers are hard working family men who are unfortunate to have accepted their positions at this company. My fellow workers are, for the most part, honest individuals who take pride in the work they do.  In my 10 years at Terminix, I have been embarrassed and victimized by upper management decisions more than once. I treat my customers with respect and sincerity and strive to exceed their expectations. While I may not make every single customer happy, I honestly try to. In a perfect world, I would own my own company and not have to take orders from fools.  But I do care for my co-workers and my customers. I sleep with a clear conscience every night, and I am proud to work an honest day to support my family.