How many complaints against Terminix have been filed in Maine? How does the State of Maine rate as a public agency in providing information to the public and in their own knowledge of the pest control companies they authorize to spray toxic chemicals in homes?

State of Maine Responsiveness

The following questions were asked in a letter mailed February 21, 1999, to the State of Maine, Department of Agriculture, Pesticide Control Board. On March 1, the answers shown below were provided in a letter from Henry Jennings, Chief of Compliance.

  1. What is the name and address of Maine’s pest inspection/pest control licensing and regulating agency?
  2. In charge of pesticide applicator licensing in Maine:

    Maine Board of Pesticides Control
    28 State House Station
    Augusta, ME  04333-0028
    (207) 287-2731 - phone

  3. How many years does Maine’s licensing and regulating agency maintain records of complaints against pest control/pest inspection companies?
  4. We maintain records of complaints for 3 years.

  5. How many Terminix branches are currently operating in Maine? (My records, taken from the Yellow Pages on the Internet, indicate there is currently one Terminix branch operating in Maine.)
  6. Terminix operates in the State of Maine out of its branch office in Salem, NH. To our knowledge, Terminix does not have an office in Maine.

    If the licensing agency doesn’t have any knowledge of a Terminix office in Maine, I wonder why the Yellow Pages on an Internet search lists Terminix, York, ME 03909, Phone (207) 363-1383.

  7. How many complaints, if any, have been filed in Maine against Terminix International (and its aka’s); including the nature of the complaints, name and location of Terminix branch involved; and disposition of complaints (dismissed, settled, fine, suspended or revoked license, probation, etc.)?
  8. Our enforcement records indicate a complaint was filed against Terminix on May 23, 1994 for improper use of total release foggers in an office building in Portland, Maine (copy of letter attached). At the present time, I am not aware of any additional formal complaints lodged against Terminix International with this agency.