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The following complaints regarding Sentricon* are some that have been submitted to Terminix - Consumer Alert!  The information contained in the complaints is unverified. You can judge for yourself if you believe them, as I do.

? - 8/98 (C1-15/S-1). I was just upset with Terminix because they can't seem to solve my termite problem. Now I really wish I had chosen the other pest control company I got an estimate from.  I 'purchased' the Sentricon system from Terminix because nothing else was working in keeping termites out of my house.  After having the system for five months, I have more damage than ever.  When I called the company about it, they said they would come out and spray but couldn't get out for two weeks. They also informed me the replacement contract I have wasn't good until AFTER they eliminated the colony.  A lot of good that does! I have been very disappointed with their service and also the way they have treated me when I call. I only hope that when my first year's contract is up, I can switch the monitoring to another company.  I'm sure they have some small print somewhere prohibiting me from that!

South Carolina - 1/99 (C2-27/S-2). How I wish I had seen your web site prior to paying Terminix $3100 for the Sentricon System. I am going to write to the Attorney General of SC and refer them also to your web site so they can see the extent of the problem.  The following has been sent on four separate occasions to Terminix without any response:

    Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find an address for Terminix anywhere on your website. I would have much preferred to contact you through conventional mail.  My wife and I finished building our retirement home in Myrtle Beach in March of l996. During my professional career, I was in the insurance profession and was responsible for all accounts, insured by us, within the United States.  Our 100 year old company provided property insurance for the larger industries throughout the world.  Dow Chemical was one of our valued clients and I was privileged to be directly responsible for their account for many years and got to know and respect them during my many visits to Saginaw. The significance of this you will understand later.

    Having spent my entire career in the insurance field you can understand why I am very careful to ensure that all of my interests are properly protected and that such protection is provided only by companies of the highest integrity.  After completing our house in 1996 and learning that we were in an area of the country where termites were a serious problem, I began to do my due diligence to determine how best to protect our interests. It did not take long.  The Sentricon System, using Dow Chemical Technology and administered and supported by THE name in the pest control business, Terminix, convinced me there was but one way to go. What a mistake we made.  Not, I'm sure, in our choice of the Sentricon System but in our choice of Terminix.  I might add that the problems began almost immediately with your local salesman lying to us, and as I attempted resolution, to your local manager at the office here in Myrtle Beach.  Further disappointment came when I received a Terminix survey a few months later and expressed my concerns via that vehicle and received absolutely no response at all.

    The problem: We were told when entered into the contract for protection with Terminix that we would receive our Damage Repair Commitment in three months if termites were not discovered by the Sentricon System.  When three months passed without any incident of termite infestation and I did not get any news from Terminix about the commitment, I tried to contact the salesman, who prior to my contract was always immediately available; and now, almost a year later, I have still not heard from him.  After not being able to reach him, I contacted your local manager here; and while I have had promise after promise from him to resolve the problem, I still have not received my Damage Repair Commitment.  And I can assure you it has not been through lack of effort on my part.  All I am able to get from any of your representatives is "lip service."

    Sorry to have taken so much of your time with such a long letter, but felt it necessary to explain fully my problem.  Hopefully, you feel it is in your company’s interest to know how you are being represented by those that provide your services.

Florida - 8/99 (C4-53/S-3). We also took a contract with Terminex/Service Master, and have been given the royal shaft.  Their promises to do regular inspections of our inground stations have proven to be false. They, of course, deny any such wrongdoings, even though we were able to show such proof. Station which was broken due to lawn mower mishap was not replaced for nearly two months, and inspections underground which called for removal of their great system (wooden sticks) were not replaced except for once in three months. Their answer to this was they want to make us happy customers and will do anything we want to make us happy. We stated we cannot be satisfied in any manner and the only wish we had that would satisfy us would be to have the contract canceled. Oh no, was their reply, because it costs them $700 to be licensed to put sticks in the ground.  These sticks are what appear to be their great system.  You can buy these sticks at any hardware store!  There is no system, there have been no chemicals used, or anything to monitor the activity of anything living or dead. The only system that seems to be in working order here is the system to rip the public off!!!!!!! They give you the stick, but not where it really belongs...for they should bend over and see just how that stick feels!!  According to Terminex and their parent company, ServiceMaster, we are still obligated to pay the remainder of our contract which is another $900 in addition to the $488 that we already gave them. In retrospect, I can hardly believe I got conned into spending $1252 to have them place these sticks in the ground.

New York - 8/99 (C4-54/S-4). My problem started with an extermination of termites (guaranteed to eliminate, no bugs no hassles -- you know the BS).  Many years later, the problem still exists only magnified and with an incredible amount of property damage, which their attorney states was PROBABLY here prior to the extermination.  I had to keep on reminding him that he is the attorney, not the entomologist.  They never checked the Sentricon system (not even once) which eventually they put in because their chemical treatments were inefficient. These systems were supposed to be baited and monitored; yet, Terminix feels the property damage is a direct result of “water damage.”  From what I can see from your web site, they won’t give in until a fight is pursued.

Indiana - 12/99 (C5-68/S-5).  Wow!!!  I just spent a few hours reading your web site, tears running down my face, for someone (many) know what we are going through! We have had a contract with Terminix for five years. Every year, they call in January, February and want to come inspect. We set a day and time and they walk around our basement and say they see nothing.  Then in the spring when it warms up, we have swarmers.  I call; and they say those are just mating, they don’t do damage, just vacuum them up!  They have had to retreat about three times, and we have had to replace a piece of paneling twice.  This year, we said we have had it, they are eating through the wall again, and you are supposed to take care of this. Each time someone visits our house, it is a new person (at least six different employees this time). They shot on one side of the wall; and the next week, the termites came through a wall on the other side of the house.  Terminix came again and shot the whole side of the house.  (This guy had been with the company three months).  In Indiana, you cannot sell a house without disclosing a termite problem. As we want to sell in a few years, we want to have this taken care of; but we don’t know what to do. I called the manager of this Terminix Co., and he said he never knew we had a problem. He got very nasty with me when I told him I had talked to an attorney and he wanted to see the damage right away. Well, he showed up two hours late and didn’t even look at the house. He offered us the Sentricon baiting system free, though he was not saying they were at fault. After looking into this company, I feel we should find a different company.  Our contract says they will not cover any damage; the only thing they guarantee is they will keep coming to our house!

Arizona - 12-99 (C7-77/S-6).  I signed a contract with Terminix in May 1998 and renewed it one year later.  This is for the Sentricon termite control.  The terms include that they are to visit my home monthly. At first, they came without calling and left notes that they were unable to get inside.  I informed them that if they would let me know when they were coming, I would be there.  They then would show for their scheduled appointment about every other month.  I have complained to all kinds of supervisors who have assured me that they would monitor my appointments and they will be on time.  They are not. I feel sure that once they have your money, they are done with you.  The only thing they are good at is sending the renewal bills in advance.

New Jersey - 1/00 (C8-99/S-7). We have had Terminix for the last year and a half. They have to be here every month to check on the termites.  They never show up, although scheduled, unless I call.  Even after I call them, they say they were there “yesterday.” Funny. I was home “yesterday,” and nobody showed up from Terminix.  When they do show up, they have to check every single station. They “check” it, and tell me that there is nothing there.  Interesting.  Two days later when they really do show up and check it with me walking behind them, they find termites. It must be magic that the termites beamed down just prior to Terminix’ arrival. I spent all day today waiting for their serviceman who did not show up.  A call to Terminix customer service did not yield anything.  They said they have no way of calling the local office; they will fax them my information and someone will get back to me ASAP.  When asked if this will be today, they said yes.  When I called the local office directly, it was closed. The customer service then said that the office is now closed until Monday. When asked how they will call me today if they are closed, the response was -- total silence.

Virginia (1/00 (C8-102/S-8). On 2-6-99, Terminix was contacted by me to provide a home inspection of suspected termites at our home.  A Terminix inspector conducted an inspection of the premises.  A subterranean termite inspection graph indicated the results of the inspection and proposed treatment that would be required to terminate any active infestation and eliminate any further damages. The supposed treatment was done when we were not at home to verify what and how the treatment was applied to the affected exterior wall. In October, we contacted Terminix on several occasions to inquire why no one from Terminix had come to the home to check for any further termite activity, especially since the initial inspection had revealed activity within the home. We were informed Terminix had inspected the bait stations and found no evidence of active termites.  I countered by saying that if that was the case, then there should have been at least some indications that someone had been to our home (especially since the majority of the bait stations are located at the rear of the home behind the fence; and it is doubtful that anyone could go to the backyard without us being there).  While rearranging the living room furniture, both my wife and I noticed mud tubes on the baseboard and walls.  We contacted Terminix immediately and informed them of our findings.  After several days of trying to get results, an inspector from Terminix came by and indicated that what we apparently thought were termite mud tubes were in his opinion only “bugs.”  In December, we noticed additional mud tubes on the adjacent baseboards and walls of the connecting rooms.  Again, after several calls to Terminix, a Terminix inspector came to the home.  He saw extensive amounts of damage to the baseboards of areas that had not shown any signs of prior damage, areas that the initial inspector for Terminix had inspected.  He indicated that any additional treatment of the home would have to be authorized by the resident manager.  A meeting with the local manager was scheduled for the following week. At that meeting, we were informed that since there was no apparent live termite found within the home and that the initial inspection indicated prior termite damage on the baseboard, that Terminix was not responsible for any repairs, and that any additional treatment of the property would not be done.  After several calls to the local manager were attempted, we were told the same thing and submitted an online complaint via the Terminix Internet web page.  A meeting between the regional manager for Terminix, local Terminix manager, and us was arranged. Prior to this meeting, we contacted a representative of several other competitive pest control companies to conduct inspection of the property.  In every instance, the results were the same. The inspections revealed termite activity in and around the bait stations on the outside of the home and additional termite damage to the base boards (areas not shown as being damaged during Terminix’s inspection).

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