Customer Complaints

Indian Harbor Beach, Florida - 12/04.  My husband and I purchased a home in May of this year.  Once we closed, we began making several renovations, just to find extensve termite damage throughout.  We had 2 inspections and real estate agents -- we did everything by the book. We have never been able to move in, and we have 2 small children. Of course we have filed a lawsuit on Oct 2004. His home had a Terminex bond and had been treated with the Sentricon system. This is a very long story. We are without a home and still have to keep up our obligations with the bank and pay our $1,200 mortgage payment.

Ashburn, Virginia - 11/04.  Terminix Manassas location treated my property for ants superficially for $150 with no results.  I asked for re-treatment per guarantee, and they said they would send someone on Wed; never showed up. Called corporate; no response. Terminix is a fraud.

Barnwell, South Carolina - 10/04.  We have been paying for services that we have not received. We have not seen Terminix in over a year.  We now have ants and roach's.

Pasadena, California - 9/04. I wish I had done my search before calling Terminix. The office manager in Covina, CA (Mr. John Cook) didn't even have the courtesy of returning my call regarding the damage that Terminix had caused in my kitchen.

Derby, Kansas - 9/04. We too have fallen victim to Terminix. We have been trying since March to get a refund on their NON-PERFORMANCE on the contract.  We have e-mailed, left voice msg's, and actually talked with live people with the company stating "they were in a position to 'make things happen'. Well NOTHING HAS HAPPENED! If anyone has any ideas how to force Terminix to accountability, please share with us.

Limerick, Pennsylvania - 7/04. I too have had several problems with this company. Each person who came out to service my house had their own way of avoiding doing the entire job I was told was to be the standard routine of each service call.  To date, I have not received an entire routine spraying as originally contracted.

Los Fresnos, Texas - 7/04.   I believe Terminix is not inspecting all of the termite stakes in the ground around my house contrary to what they are telling me. I called the area manager for Terminix out to my house and told him I was dissatisfied with their service and if he wanted to keep me as a customer he will give me the upcoming year free. He agreed, but I haven't seen or heard from them, even after making a request for an inspection of live termites coming out of the ground.  I am terribly dissatisfied with Terminix and their lack of service.

Levittown, ? - 6/04. I paid for monthly checks, and they’ve been here twice this year.  They don't open up all the stations, it’s easy to tell (mud not removed from cover.)

Ellicott City, ? - 6/04. Terminex failed to respond to my many calls to come investigate some possible termite or carpenter ant damage. They seem to take it all in stride and even lie about when they recieved my phone calls.  Even though I have a yearly contract with them they just don't seem to give a @#%$!. Watch out for these thieves, they lie and protect their own.  All they want is your money and an easy way of life. The inspectors are a joke, I'm a contractor and have seen these clowns at work.  They deserve nothing more than to be out of business!

River Ridge, Louisiana - 5/04. Terminix screwed me bigtime. I changed different parts of my kitchen floor four times.  They claimed it wasn’t termites when I saw them.  They dropped my contract.  Claimed they sent me four notices.  I can’t believe all four went astray. They wanted $1700 to put me under.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 5/04. My husband and I are undergoing the same nightmares as those mentioned in the site. We have over $50k in termite damage to our home and Terminix has been "treating" the property for the last 10 years.  We have owned the home for only 10 months.  They issued a clear certification and inspected the property on 3 different occasions prior to settlement.  We were just made aware of the Arbitration clause, but now if we didn't transfer the contract, nor did we ever sign anything with us as the new homeowners, would that rule still apply?. Wish us luck!!!

St. Charles, Iowa - 5/04. We hired terminix after a local company let us down. There was a chemical treatment done by the other company that did not work.  Terminix installed the baiting system 5 months ago. We got a letter from Terminix saying no activity was seen during the inspections and that we would be put on 3 month cycles.  One week later while painting we found a live termite run. We reported it right away to the 800 customer service line on May 22nd.  May 25th, today, I still had not heard from them so I called back. No report had been generated.  Someone is suppose to call us back.  I will let them know about your site and let them know I am uneasy depending on them to protect our home.  Any suggestions for me at this point. Thanks for the site.

Mays Landing, New Jersey - 5/04. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who expected a company with a national reputation to be much more professional and competent than Terminix has proven to be.  I paid for the Sentricon termite control system and had to contact the company online in order to have them repair damage they did to my foundation in installing crawlspace vents.  They have proven to be incompetent, duplicitous, arrogant, deceptive and predatory. I had no choice but to warn those in the congregation not to deal with Terminix or any of its subsidiaries.

Severn, Maryland - 4/04. Been with Terminix for 4 years and after paying more than $2300 in service I’m now realizing that they really haven’t done anything for me...I still have termites coming out of the walls...when a technician came to my home and looked at the bug...I was told it wasn’t a termite but a flying ant.  They are hard to get ahold of when you need them but gee they sure are easy to pay.

Spring Hill, Florida - 3/04. I was a Sears Termite & Pest Control customer; and when Terminix bought out Sear's contracts, I stayed with Terminix because I would have to start over again with someone new and it would be costly. Terminix put in the Sentricon bait system. After a couple of months they left a note on my door that termites were detected in certain bait tubes and they would be looking at them monthly.  This was in October, then in December they sent me a letter stating that since no termites were detected in the last 5 months at my house they would only be coming out quarterly! I called the service center and was told the letter was a mistake, that someone did not put in the computer that I was suppose to be monitored monthly.  In January someone finally came to my house. I had also asked that they call my house at least the day before the tech was coming to my house as my mom has the beginnings of Alzheimers and other medical problems and if I'm not there she gets very upset with strange men walking around the outside of the house.  I've had this service for approx 2-3 years, and I have complained many times to the women that answer the phones and to 2 or 3 managers but the techs rarely call before they come.  Yet I've always been assured that they will every time I call!! The last straw was a few months ago. I just happened to be home when a tech came (of course he never called), and I showed him a few of the bait stations that were sticking out of the ground and the holes that were made in the ground but not filled in. He said the stations were put in improperly and he would fix them.  Well a week after he came I noticed two of my bushes (planted 4-5 years ago) were dying and within two weeks they were dead.  I called Terminix and spoke to a manager. He said the products they use are not harmful and my bushes must have died for some other reason! I also complained about having termites since I've had these bait stations and when were they going to start working.  He said he would come out and have a look and get back to me. I never heard from him by phone but he left a note on my door the following week stating that I had no termite activity! I thought it was funny that I've had termite activity for almost 2 years and now suddenly I complain and the following week the termites are gone!  I would not recommend Terminix to anyone. Their customer service is non-existent and I don't think their techs know what they are doing (if they’re doing anything). My contract with them is up for renewal and I called them on 3/5/04 and told them to come get their bait stations as I was not renewing my contract.  I told them to get them by 3/9. The tech called 3/8 and my daughter told him it was ok to come the next day to get them. It's now 3/14 and they still have not come, and yesterday I received another renewal notice from them! As I said, they have no customer service.  I am now going with a company that uses Termidor.  Initially I will have to pay more since I am a new customer, but it will be worth it and my home will be protected from termites with a product that works better than any bait stations. The customer service from what friends have told me from their experiences is good too so it will be worth the money. I wish I had come across your website sooner.  I would never have gone with Terminix.

Orlando, Florida - 2/04. We had a termite bond with Terminex; and when we found termites, some old termite damage also, we still had out of pocket expenses of $1000 that they would not pay. There was water damage which was caused by the termites, and they would not cover it.  After being sold on the baiting system by the salesperson as being the best treatment. They ended up using Termidor after they paid the claim. The Termidor treatment initially is cheaper than Centricon and half the cost for the renewal for the bond.

Altamonte Springs, Florida - 2/04. My landlord has gotten Terminix to service our house in October. They have never come to service the termite traps and have only came out 3 times in the 10 times I've called about our roach problem.  They say I wasn't home but I'm a stay at home mom.  I belive they are a real rip off....

Texas - 2/04. I have had many of the same problems you listed on your web site, including unkept appointments, ineffective treatments, annual contract for monthly inspections that turned out to be quarterly, and being openly treated with contempt by the “service manager.”  He even challenged that with the directions I gave to my house that he wouldn’t be able to find it either, and therefore they would not be responsible for the three quarterly inspections not made.  When I canceled further “home pest” inspections (with five months left on my termite inspections), the termite guys stopped coming.  Of the five different termite inspectors that I have seen over the last 18 months, only one has made an effort to actually inspect all the stations they have placed in my yard, and one guy actually said he didn’t have to look at the stations near our deck because they weren’t responsible for protecting it since it isn’t attached directly to the house. They put stations around it, but they aren’t responsible for monitoring those stations?!? My only hope is to get through the next four months of termite inspections so the contract will have been fulfilled on their end, then I can find someone else to take over. “Hassles” are definitely their area of expertise.

West Virginia - 1/04. How do I get out of my Terminix contract?  I have called them to come back to my house because I was still seeing ants and was told that it was too soon, the treatment did not have time to work. I called again several times and was told someone would contact me, but no one did.  Then just this month, I received a bill for a service that I don’t think they performed since I know they never entered my house.