Customer Complaints

Gillette, Wyoming - 2/07. We called the Terminix company and asked if they spray for bed bugs. They did so we agreed to have them service our apartment.  They inspected our apartment, not very good I might add. The inspector just took a look in one corner and said “OK.”  We’ll be back tomorrow at 9 a.m.  He told us to wash all our things.  We then asked if he took an out-of-state check of if he preferred cash.  He said he preferred cash, but he’ll look into the out-of-state check.  We decided it would be best to pay cash to save him the hassle. We did ALL of our laundry and took everything out.  We had placed everything in bags and put them in our living room.  He came back the next morning and looked in then he said, “You’re supposed to take everything out, out of the apartment.” We looked at him and said well why didn’t you tell us that? We just spent $100 washing everything at the laundromat. We called the Terminix office, and they agreed to spray with our stuff still in the apartment, even though we told them we could reschedule. They were pretty persistent on coming the next day and even guaranteed us a free 2nd spray if our problem did not end. So we agreed and were ready the next day with cash in hand.  We paid the two men dressed in protection jumpers $65 in cash and asked that they leave a receipt. They agreed.  When we got back to inspect our apartment, there was no receipt to be seen. So we called the office right away and asked why we did not receive a receipt. They told us that they would bring us the receipt the next time they came to spray our house. We agreed and set up an appointment for two weeks later. The next week the guy who sprayed our apartment came to our door and asked about the bugs, I told him that there were still a few, because we had got bitten.  He then confirmed the appointment for the following week.  When the day came for our 2nd spray, we called because there was bad weather and was wondering if they were still going to come out and spray or if we had to make another appointment.  The office said that they we’re still going to come out and spray.  No one showed up. We called the next morning and asked why.  The office said we didn’t pay them for the first spray. We said. that we paid cash and even asked for a receipt. So she agreed to talk to the guys who came to our house. They said we tried to pay with a check but took it back and didn’t give him any cash. (Note: Where we paid the man there is a security camera.)  They then told us that they didn’t know who to believe, the employee or us the customer.  So we then proceeded to ask for services if we then paid again. She said that they could no longer service us because we didn’t pay the first time. But she would do us a favor and cancel our bill of $50. “$50.00! We paid $65.00.” They then gave us a number for Orkin.  We are now in the process of obtaining the security tape.

Quincy, Illinois - 2/07. I used to have Terminix but they just got too ridiculous in their prices and their service stinks.  The guy is always late and is never here at my house for more than 10 minutes at the most. A high-pressure salesman keeps calling me trying to sell me termite protection and even had the nerve to just come knocking on my door after I told him no! He quoted me a price of $1,400.  I called a local company and they quoted me a price for the exact same protection of only $750.  What's up with that?  The Terminix termite salesman prey on old people by scaring them into thinking that their house is going to fall down around their heads from termites if they don't fork out $$$ for the termite protection and that just ain't right!  One of their salesman tried to goad my mom into their protection and told her that termites will even come into her bedroom at night and eat her bed!!!!!!! I was so mad I couldn't even see straight! They're all a bunch of lying sacks of @#%$! anyway!  When I called their office to talk to the branch manager about his salesman’s lying techniques, he laughed and hung up on me.  I called right back and the gal that answered the phone said he wasn't there!!!! Don't trust Terminix people! It is in your best interest not to, and they'll just take your money and laugh the whole time they're doing it!

Virginia - 2/07. I have been a customer of TERMINIX since 1979. You would think that customer loyalty would count for something.  I transferred my contract to my new home in Gainesville,Virginia, when I moved here in 2003. Since then, having TERMINIX perform their pest service has been an exercise in frustration. They have rarely notified me before they come; and then when they do, they merely treat the outside despite knowing that I work at home and have left instructions for them to ring the doorbell.  On Thursday (02/08/07), I received an automated telephone call that I would receive service on Friday morning. At 3:45 PM on Friday, I called the office only to learn that the technician had never picked up my “ticket.”  The office agreed to reschedule me for Monday morning (02/12/07), but again did not show up.  I called the 1-800 number to complain and was told that a manager would get back to me before close of business on that day.  It is now Tuesday evening, and no one has called me back. IS THIS ANY WAY TO RUN A COMPANY???

Sugar Land, Texas - 1/07. On January 16th the Terminix person left a note at my house saying, "Stations have been pulled. Please call office for more information."  The note was referring to the Centricon termite stations all around my property that I paid for a full year in advance for the maintenance and monitoring of. My phone call revealed that they severed their contract with the supplier of their Centricom stations and I could now get the "TIP" or "Termidor" system. Which I eventually learned meant I could have someone periodically look for termite tunnels going into my house for a $250 renewal fee or I could have liquid poison poured 3-6" down in a trench around my foundation which "should be effective for 20 years" for $199. (But "it would not be a good option if any pets dig there...and I have 3 dogs.) I said those dollar amounts sound reversed and "the head of the terminte division" agreed they sounded backwards, but that was the information he had. I asked if they were refunding the balance of my current contract, since I am now receiving NO SERVICE and I paid in advance for the Centricon service.  He said, "'re not refunding anything." When I pushed the issue he said, "Well I don't have the authority to do something like that."  Where do I go from here?

Pennsylvania - 1/07. We have been Terminix customers for almost five years now. In December 2006, the technician arrived at our home ranting and raving about how  Terminix’s pest control has been changed within the company. In our home, our pest control consisted of the tech showing up, coming into our home and spraying an insecticide throughout our home.  He was in and out within 5-10 minutes. The tech now stated that he was to halt spraying inside the home and was only to use outside measures, which consisted of $5.00 can of aerosol spray in an attempt to prevent any infestation. He deemed Terminix was intentionally attempting to rip off their customers by doing less.  Did we have a disgruntled employee in our midst?  The following will show you that we had more than a problem with an employee, but two entities within the same company intentionally misleading us. One side, Terminix, stating that they wanted to do more for their customers, and the other now appearing  that he didn’t want to take the time to do his job correctly. The following incident was like something out of the Twilight Zone.  But more seriously, may have ultimately caused a major health issue with a member of this family.

The tech and I had become chummy with each other as we personally had a  lot in common, cars, music, hobbies, etc. He told me that since we were friends he wanted to be honest with me in saying that he did not believe in what Terminix was doing. He said to me, why should you be paying Terminix $95.00 for a $5.00 can of bug spray, and that we were being ripped off.  He stated to me that he was looking for another job, as he no longer had any faith in Terminix. He actually told me to cancel the service, and specifically mentioned another local pest company to call.  At the time I thought he was being sincere, as we were a bit more than just tech and customer.  I took his advice and said forget servicing the home. He told me to have a nice holiday and left our residence.  I proceeded to call Terminix to cancel our service and they pleaded with me not to.  They stated that what the tech had told me was inaccurate. The office employee, Kelly, told me to wait a minute and put me on hold.  A supervisor named Mike Eibeil, at the Allentown Pennsylvania office (I’m not sure if I’m spelling his name correctly) got on the phone and started a long-winded speech on why I shouldn’t cancel the service.

After telling Mr. Eibeil what had transpired at our home, he told me that as soon as the tech left our residence he was on the phone to him stating that we didn’t want Terminix stepping foot in our home.  I was appalled; I told the supervisor that I was told directly by his Terminix employee to cancel the service because Terminix was a rip off. I asked the supervisor what he would do if an employee that had been servicing his home for 5 years told him to cancel the service because the company was ripping off their  customers?  He stated that he would have done the same as I was doing but  wanted me to hear him out before doing so.  After a lengthy discussion with Mr. Eibeil in regards to the visit from his tech, and also explaining how the tech had been servicing the house, (only spraying), the Supervisor stated servicing our home in that manner would be considered at best only a partial service, as only spraying a  customer’s residence is just one part of several procedures that the customer was supposed to be receiving.  The Supervisor stated that Terminix didn’t want the techs just running in and spraying the customer’s residence  in 5 minutes, then running out. According to the tech, Terminix instructs their employees to get in and out of the residence as quickly as possible as to get in as many homes in one day that is humanly possible. It appears  that somebody is being deceitful, and I tend to believe that it is NOT the  technician, but Terminix!  So for 5 years at $95.00 per service, we were getting ¼ of the service that we were supposed to be receiving.  I told the Supervisor that we had better be receiving some type of refund for services not rendered over 5 years.  That is when I noticed a change in the Supervisor’s demeanor.  In addition, I told the Supervisor that the tech had  been spraying our heat and air conditioning ducts and vents, completely soaking them. I asked the tech if this was safe, he claimed that the spray was safe even when sprayed in air ducts. The supervisor stated that in NO way should he be spraying ducts that have moving air going through them, as the customer would be inhaling toxic chemicals.  Well that was just great  We’ve been breathing toxic insecticides now for 5 years! In reference to the tech stating that Terminix was intentionally ripping off their customers, the Supervisor told me that he couldn’t have an employee bad mouthing the company and telling customers to cancel their service with Terminix, in addition to telling Terminix customers to go to their rival competitors.  The Supervisor stated that he would be contacting his direct Supervisor to see how to handle this.  I thought Mr. Eibeil was being  sincere.  Well guess again.

It is now January 31, 2007; approximately 8 weeks after the tech arrived to our home the first week of December of 2006. I’ve had to call the Supervisor at least two times a week over the past 8 weeks to see what was the outcome of this situation. Each time, the Supervisor stated that he had spoken with the tech and that he would be calling me that evening to set up an appointment.  The last conversation with the Supervisor was on January 24, 2007, at which time he claimed that he had just gotten out of a meeting and that he talked to the tech and guess what he said again, you got it, the tech would be calling me that evening. He also stated that for quality  control the Supervisors were going out with the techs to make sure that the service was meeting Terminix’s high standards of service.  What a load bull that was.  Today, one week after our conversation on January 24, 2007, it was a no show, and no call.  I had to call the Allentown Pennsylvania office once again today, January 31, 2007. The office girl named Kelly conveniently told me yet again that Mr. Eibeil must have stepped out of the office for a moment.  I explained to her thoroughly what had been going on over the past 8 weeks.  She told me that she was in customer service and would take care of this. What a waste of time that was. She stated she would have him call the moment he returned.  That was five hours ago!  It is obvious that the Supervisor doesn’t have a problem with his tech’s bad mouthing the company, and that he has no intention of giving us one penny  back for services not rendered over the past 5 years.

Another issue of concern, one of a much more serious nature is that over the past 6 months I have been having some breathing problems, which I noticed more so while working out at the gym.  Since I have been actively weight  training and running at least several miles a week for years now this was starting to concern me.  I went to see a doctor and have found out that I possibly, and I say possibly, may have the beginnings of emphysema based on a breathing test.  Further tests are forthcoming. The physician suspects that the service by Terminix, which consisted of the Tech saturating our air vents with insecticides over the past 5 years, may be a major contributing  factor in regards to my poor breathing test results. I am only 45 years old. I have always been an active athlete, and I am active at the gym 5 days a week and I am a non-smoker. In February of 2007, I will be filing a civil lawsuit in the state of Pennsylvania against Terminix for breach of contract, in that the technician’s direct Supervisor openly admitted that we were not receiving the full service that we had been paying for over the past 5 years. In addition, and upon pending health test results, the civil lawsuit may include the issue of significant damage to my health do to negligence.

I am elated to have found this site. I believe that after being subjected to 8 weeks of problems with Terminix, and now possibly health concerns due to their reckless endangerment. After reading the enormous amount of appalling complaints in regards to health issues with customers, misappropriation of funds, (in our case doing ¼ of the service we were supposed to be receiving), and the breaching of their own contracts that I  read on this site, Terminix is NOT a reliable company and is NOT a company that the consumer can trust. I strongly recommend that the consumer read this site thoroughly, talk with the Better Business Bureau in their state, in addition to anyone they can find who has dealt with Terminix so they can make an educated decision as to whether they want a company like this in their home.  I hope this helps anyone who is even considering dealing with Terminix. Please, be careful in dealing with this company. Do as much research as you can. Your home, your life, may depend on it!  Thank you for reading this  lengthy post.  The author of this site is more than welcome to contact us via email for additional and personal information.

Virginia - 1/07. Terminix annual inspection of 12/23/06 revealed active termite activity and indicated on the written report that retreatment was required. I have had a termite protection policy on my home since it was built in 1970. I called my local branch in Sterling, VA to schedule the retreatment. I was given an appointment for the morning of January 4, 2007. Terminix never came and never called.  The same events were repeated on January 9, 2007 and January 12, 2007.  On each of those days I called the branch late in the business day to try to find out if I was really on the service list for that day.  Each time I was told that there was no way they could get that information.