Customer Complaints

Atlanta, Georgia - 6/08. I am beginning to have alarms go off in my head over shoddy customer service, arrogant phone reps, and what I feel are fraudulently recorded durations of service visits. I have 22 termite stations around my house.  Twenty of them were replaced with the new black colored stations.  I had made two calls to have those unreplaced ones replaced - one of them is damaged. A 'surly' speaking rep told me that those two probably weren't needed even though I had them originally and for at least four years. There had been no follow up to my first phone call regarding these stations three weeks prior to my second call.  The surly arrogant speech of the so-called 'customer service' rep only leads me to believe that the service request I pay for will most likely not be honored, or they will attempt to save face by removing the two overlooked termite stations.  So much effort, time, and aggravation would be saved if they would just honor my reasonable request.  When this contract expires, I'm going elsewhere. I don't like 'surly' customer dis-service reps.

Simi Valley, California - 6/08. I canceled my Terminix pest control service in August 2007 when I spoke to Mary from the Ventura CA branch.  She pressured me with incentives to not cancel my service but I refused them.  The call ended and I thought all was taken care of.  Wrong. In February of 2008, Terminix called and left a message that they would be out to spray. They apparently did and I received a bill in March for the service I had already cancelled 6 months earlier. I refused to pay the bill.  I then called and spoke with Mary again.  Mary stated she had no record of a call to her other than in January.  What?  I then stated my prior conversation with her and explained I had canceled my service with her.  Mary had no record of that but told me my service was cancelled and that she would leave a message with a manager to call me back.  No one did.

  • 4/2/08 I called the Ventura Branch and spoke with Veronica and asked to speak with a manager. Veronica said he was at lunch and would leave a message for a manager to call me back.  No one did.
  • 4/8/08 I called the Ventura Branch and spoke with Debbie and asked to speak with a manager. Debbie stated there were no managers in the office but they should be in soon. Debbie stated that she would leave a message to have a manager call me the same day.  I explained that I had left multiple messages and no one has ever returned a phone call.  Debbie then stated she was sending an email and that would guarantee a response.  No call was ever returned.
  • 4/21/08 the second bill for cancelled service was received and showed 30-60 days late.
  • 5/1/08 I called the Ventura branch and spoke with Veronica again and asked to speak with a manager. No one was available.  She stated to me that my account was cancelled on 4/8/08 by service manager Chris Sedik and that he had left a message with me regarding it.  I never received any phone call or message.  They were provided with my home and cell numbers of which both have caller id and voice mail.  I then requested that Veronica send me a confirmation letter stating that my account was canceled and have a manager call me.  Veronica agreed.  She confirmed to me that it "looked" like the account was initially closed in August.  I was aware of that, however, it is Terminix that is not aware of it.
  • 5/1/08 Ventura branch service manager Chris Sedik returns my phone call and stated that he would send a confirmation letter of my cancellation, remove the current charges and show a zero balance.  Finally resolution.  Wrong.  Sometime between 5/1/08 and 5/26/08 my former Terminix tech calls and reminds me that my service fee is due.  I explained to him what had taken place and he said thank you and to say hi to my wife.
  • 5/26/08 the third bill for cancelled service was received and showed 60-90 days late.
  • 6/5/08 I called the 1-800-terminix number hoping for some better help only to be transferred to Mary at the Ventura branch again.  I asked Mary for a regional managerís name and number and she stated she did not have one.  I asked to talk to the branch manager but she stated he was in a meeting.  She stated that she would have the branch manager Tony call me back when he got out of the meeting.  He never did.
  • 6/10/08 I called the Ventura branch three times only to get transferred to the national 1-800-terminix call center.  They recommended calling back later to reach someone at the Ventura branch.
  • 6/10/08 I filed a "billing inquiry" with terminix to attempt to get some resolution.
  • 6/10/08 The fourth call is placed to the Ventura branch which is transferred to the 1-800-terminix number.  I spoke with Jaclyn who read back notes in their system.  She stated that my account was closed in August of 2007, February 2008, and April 2008. What?  An extra cancellation date I didn't know about and was never informed of.  Why did they need to cancel the account for the third time?  Why was I provided with service again and billed after two canceled service dates.  Jaclyn stated that she would have the billing department fax me a confirmation letter showing service was cancelled and a zero balance owed.

I am beyond irritated with this company and it's unbelievable lack of customer service and likely underhanded tactics.  This attempt to wear down a past customer by providing service not requested, continuously billing them, not providing any response after countless phone calls of telling the customer one thing and not following through are inexcusable.  I will never use them or their affiliates again.  My word of mouth campaign has begun.

Rhinebeck, New York - 6/08. I didnít realize Terminix had such a bad reputation. If I did I would never have signed up with them.  I, too, have complaints about their work. They sure are quick to bill you for their service, but not so quick to come to your aid in a timely manner when you need them.  The first technician who came out to take care of carpenter ants was inept and didn't know how to search for and rid a nest I had already located.  He was sarcastic and clearly acted like I was crazy when I told him that I had been hearing the nest and wanted him to take care of it specifically. He told me he had never heard of anyone hearing a nest.    (For years I used a small local and reputable pesticide company, which went out of business because it could not compete with the big companies. The owner eventually went to work for one of them.  This individual was very well informed and relayed detailed "bug" information to me.)  The Terminix tech put down some kind of gel instead of what is usually used (because I had a young almost crawling baby). This gel was supposed to dry up and disappear.  It did not.  And is nearly impossible to clean off the furniture and trim around the house.  Almost a year later, the gel is still there.

We are currently trying to sell this home and are now finding carpenter ants everywhere. It upsets me that the salesperson told us that by purchasing a year contract, (with service every three months) we would fend off any carpenter ant outbreaks.  This didn't obviously happen.  When I call for service because of the ants, I usually cannot get an appointment in a timely manner and the estimated arrival time is usually about 2 1/2 hours long.  They also state that one does not have to be out of the house or can return right away after an inside service, because the pesticide is not harmful.  How can that be?  Isn't it harmful to bugs? I asked the customer service rep. this questionn and she said she couldn't get into it.  She has obviously been trained to make some quips without any back up information. She was not well informed at all.

Finally, the receipt that was left by that particular technician was signed by what appeared to be him. When I complained, I referred to the name on the form.  It turns out that the man who signed the form was NOT the same person.  This was very misleading.

Kettering, Ohio - 5/08. I had Terminix Sentricon System installed June 25, 1996 and for the last five years I have been paying $223.65 per year.  This year, May 2008, I  received a bill for $417.30 ($390.00 plus $27.30 sales tax). That is an increase of $193.65. How was this amount determined.  I called the Terminix office in Fairborn, OH, but they could not give me an answer. I believe when you are in business you should let the property owner know  how the increase was determined and the reason for the substantial  increase. My wife and I are both retired and are on a fixed income.  I want to keep my Terminix Sentricon system, but I think this is an unreasonable rate increase.

Mahwah, New Jersey - 5/08. In 2007 I hired Terminix to rid my house of carpenter ants. First they sent a young man who sprayed my basement with various poisons (including spraying a white powder over everything in my basement - musical instruments, furniture, stored items and my furnace!) while NOT wearing any respiratory or other protection. He tried to stand on a wheeled desk chair to reach the rafters with his spray device until I told him he could not safely use the chair.  I was then told I likely had termites outside my house and I should allow Terminix to place poison traps in the ground around my house which they would check on a monthly basis for termite activity. I agreed to the contract and allowed them to place the traps.  Months passed with no termite activity in the traps but I still had a cellar full of carpenter ants. In November 2007 I decided to terminate my contract because I saw that their so-called efforts were doing no good. I inspected the monthly statement, found the amount needed to pay in full and submitted a check for several hundred dollars along with a letter explaining that I was ending the contract. But to no avail. Their agents continued to come on my property to "inspect" the traps (in which they continued to find NO termite activity!)  And they continued to bill me. And I continued to complain that I had sent a check for the full balance to put an end to their "service". Soon, they started to charge me interest and penalties for "non-payment of my outstanding balance". My complaints went unheeded.  The latest insult is that Terminix has sent my "unpaid" balance to a collection agency and I am threatened with court action unless I pay.  Terminix employees are still trying to get on my property (I chase them off!) to provide "service." I am an old man with cancer and am at my wit's end.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 5/08. I wish I had seen this web page before I wasted my time with Terminex. Recently found out my house is infested with mice- took a friend's advice and called Terminex (regreting it now..). Called them on Sunday- was told they would be out on Tuesday- between 10am and 2pm. At 12pm, a 'supervisor' said the tech would be there at 1pm. At 1:55pm, no call, no show (how shocking)-spoke to Sandy who says the tech will be out at 2:30pm. 3:30pm- speak to Johnie - who says someone will be there within the next ten minutes. 4:00pm- speak to Johnie again who says that my house was NOT on the schedule to be done??!!- so what gives- is this negligence special the usual treatment?- to put a long story short, she said the 'boss' will call me back- itís been at least 5 hours since then, doubt it is going to happen. So now I called my bank to put a fraud alert on my credit card (and yup- never mind the fact they never showed up, I still got charged).. My allergies are so bad now, am staying at a friendís house, at least my cat gets to temporarily stay at the vet (she broke out in warts since being around the mouse- so at least she gets a break). Doing the smart thing - calling a LOCAL company who CARES about their customers..

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 5/08. After paying for 12 years I had termite trails up the outside of my house. Inspector took pictures, said they would treat... never heard back. Twice before they inspected in the MIDDLE OF WINTER when termites are inactive. Tried to sell me treated insulation for my attic. Never again!

Bedford, Texas - 4/08. Terminix conveniently ďforgetsĒ to advise customers that a renewal is due, then proceeds to schedule unwanted and unexpected service visits at their full (i.e. very expensive) rates. At no point does the scheduler advise, ďOh, by the way, your contract has expired; may we renew it?Ē They just schedule the service and hope you wonít notice when the bill arrives?  With several properties, it is easy to lose track of when contracts expire and Terminix takes advantage of that.  Itís a crazy company with poor customer service; I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM.

Pasadena, Maryland - 4/08. We have been with Terminix for about 8 years and have always paid our  account and never had problems until 2007 and 2008 with not getting customer courtesy.  Copy of letter sent to Terminix:

Dear Branch manager / Mr. Alex Reynolds: I received a call from your office this morning. Miss French said she is calling to advise our tech will be out  between 10am and 12 noon today, this was our conformation and call  ahead.  I advised her we had cancelled this day since it was not a  good day and we also cancelled our account with an e-mail to you and a certified letter sent out to you on Friday addressed to the Glen Burnie Branch Manager. Miss French said she would notify the tech of this. Also she said we had to give 30 days notice since we had a contract and this was our month to have Terminix come out to service the home.  This was no problem with us.  I received another phone call from Miss French stating we would not get a full refund of  our money since we cancelled our account. Now I was with the  understanding with the first call this morning and listened to the recorded message a second time and she said we needed to give 30 days notice. So I thought we would have to make another date for our service and  reschedule the tech to come out. Now, if this is the way Terminix does business and tells us one thing and does another. What can we say.  We do understand we were canceling our account but also we were told after the 30 days notice.  Now you and the Dist Office will be able to see for yourselves why we sent the cancelation letter!

? - 4/08. I would like to know exactly what Terminix plans to do to rebate my money  from an in ground baiting system that they were so convincing to sell me when they said I had subs!!!  Come to find out they were dry wood termites and not subs!!!  But the icing on the BUG is that now they have decided to cancel these worthless traps after charging all this money for years on top of the initial  installation of almost two thousand dollars!!!  I feel YOU owe me money, Terminix!!!!!

Florida - 4/08. The condo where I live decided to have only our building be tented from Terminix, but they were NOT the company who came to tent the building. I stayed across the street from my condo I live in and saw a company called Anderson Pest Control tent the building.  I walked over to speak to the people doing the tenting and asked when they would remove the tent and was told it would be the next day. I then waited the next day at 9 am saw them remove the tent and did NOT aerate the place at all; they left within an hour of removing the tent and I saw my windows I left open a tiny bit did not have any fan on in my bdroom and living room. The next day I asked them when they came at 9am when I could move back in to my condo, after they tested the air and was told Thursday after 2pm which was a lie as the paper work from Terminix said after 5pm and my landlord had to sign the paper work and did. He too was very uspet they only arerated the entire condo for an hour and most windows were open too little.  The sign on my door said I could move back in this past Thursday at 11:35am not after 5pm as stated by Terminix.  When I came back Friday afternoon at 1pm after ten minutes being in there I had severe eye burning and nose burning and it smelled strange too. I opened all the windows and still did not feel right. I was born sensitive to chemicals and thought the next day I would have felt better but I got worse feeling dizzier then ever and tired. I looked up Vikane they are supposed to have used and saw the reactions I had were from breathing the Vikane that the company not Terminix but Anderson Pest Control in Bell Florida lied and most likely did not aerate more than an hour which Dow Chemical company I called told me it had to be aerated 6 hours and be tested the next day after being aerated and am very upset how sick I got. This is why I wanted to see how I can find out what the outsourced company Terminix used did the job correct or not.  If they do lie to you then I want to file a complaint as to me Terminix should not outsource to a company that is not owned by Terminix.  Thanks for your time and help and I am praying soon I will feel 100% well by this week end.