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You may have a right to unpaid overtime wages or to a damages award for labor law violations.  For free legal consulation: 

Terminix may owe you unpaid overtime wages: 
hallinan@yahoo.com or Nhersh@hershlaw.com

Mistakes are understandable. What is not understandable or tolerable is when a “mistake” is made but the company will not stand behind its guarantees, advertising, or written certifications.  Furthermore, haven’t Terminix’s so-called mistakes occurred for too many years and far too often to really be “mistakes”?

It was easy to dismiss customer complaints, employee complaints, lawsuits, or governmental actions against Terminix or its parent company, ServiceMaster, as just isolated incidents; but they are not isolated. There is no centralized place to report them; and until this web site, nobody was publicly reporting them.

It is ludicrous and speaks more to the lack of intelligence of anyone excusing complaints against Terminix on the basis the company is so large it is bound to have complaints.  A company the size of Terminix has more employees than a small company and has the resources of a multi-billion dollar corporation at its disposal to prevent and/or resolve complaints.  For these reasons, it is much more difficult and costly to pursue resolution with Terminix. Terminix knows this; Terminix’s attorneys know this; and attorneys customers seek advice from know this.  Based on my own experiences and those submitted by others, it is obvious Terminix prefers to use its resources to avoid accountability and responsibility rather than to prevent or resolve customer complaints. Since the majority of dissatisfied customers will not or cannot pursue resolution of complaints, it is more cost effective for Terminix, albeit in short-thinking terms, to use their resources to avoid resolution of complaints, bury the truth, and keep the truth buried. Thankfully, truth always has a way of surfacing; it just might take awhile.

The hundreds of customer and employee complaints on the following pages are just some submitted to Terminix - Consumer Alert!  In addition to the complaints posted on this site, thousands of customer complaints/comments were posted to Terminix’s own so-called “Customer Care Board” from its debut (6/21/00) until it was terminaxed (12/12/02).

Thanks to each of the people who have courageously submitted their complaints against Terminix for publication (which helps prove complaints against Terminix are not “isolated incidents),” this site has been credited with helping harmed customers; attorneys prepare for litigation; reporters prepare articles; and potential customers and employees avoid what could be very costly mistakes.  The information contained in the complaints is unverified.  Judge for yourself if you believe them; and if you think, as I do, that Terminix’s former “No Bugs, No Hassles” and current “Satisfaction Guaranteed” slogans are false advertising and their “guarantees” are meaningless and fraudulent.

Customer Complaints