These are just some of the complaints submitted by people stating they are current or former Terminix employees or spouses of Terminix employees.   The information provided is unverified. Judge for yourself if you believe them, as I do.

Employee Complaints


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Ocala, Florida - 7/08. Wow, after reading all the other complaints posted, it has eased my mind a little.  I always thought it was only happening in Ocala, FL.  I worked almost six treacherous months in the Ocala branch. The treatment to the employee and to the customers is absolutely horrible.  If you have overtime on your time card, they have you cross through it and initial. They make up false reports for termite inspections and charge pest customers for services they never received. They let management treat co workers as if they are trash and have no regard for them. I can't remember one day that was good at Terminix. I went to upper management, who said " I knew this was coming."  After speaking with the branch manager, he wanted to know what I wanted to do. I said I just want to leave and not come back.  His response to me was, so you are going to let her conquer you??? Then stated he didn't want me to quit that he could fix it all.  After six days nothing was done, so I left a note and never returned.  You know it is sad when sales people are bragging that someone has termites because they missed the area on an initial inspection, and because the people didn't renew their policy had to pay large amounts of money for repair, and then get a new policy with Terminix. They report to credit agencies against people who fell behind, even when there are notes where people have cancelled their service, but because the tech was never notified the people are supposedly being serviced then get smacked with a bill.  Terminix wants you to call at least 45 people per day and leave nasty messages with whoever answers the phone or leave it on a machine. They even have you calling people at work and harrassing them. How can anyone feel comfortable making these calls and being so rude to someone? They have you clocking other people in and out for lunch and if someone calls in before they have 30 minutes up for lunch they won't let you clock them in, doesn't matter if the person is working or not. They have employees working through their lunch but make sure you are clocked out. They have you taking work home with you if not completed at the office. They even give you the answers to the test to get your WDO inspectors license. I don't think I would know a termite if it walked up to me with my house in its mouth, but I have a WDO license, pretty funny. I am so HAPPY to be AWAY from that place and those people!  It is hard to believe unless you are working in it. I had seen such turnover in the short time that I worked there.  Retention isn't important to this company.

New Jersey - 6/08. I worked for Terminix as a Sales Inspector until I was relieved of duty in the company parking. I suspected the company was a fraud even on my first day. The videos we were to watch for safety and other issues amounted to about 14 hours of time, we were allotted 2 1/2 hours to view the material. When I questioned this, I was told by another employee to "fast forward and skip whole videos, everyone does it, you can't get through it all in the time allowed." I had to sign a booklet stating that I had viewed the material, it all seemed dishonest, and if I was caught lying, I would be fired. The manager coolly kept his distance and turned a blind eye to all this dishonest behavior and illegal action so I guess he could state that he was "unaware" of this activity. I witnessed technicians using plain water or in some cases a thimble full of pesticide to treat an entire house. I witnessed the selling of contracts based on false information, meaning, finding problems when in fact none existed. When we were informed that we were to perform termite inspections for people who had termite protection plans the manager stated "Do we want to find termites at these people's homes?" "No" was the chorus from the sales team.

People who had damage claims or that called frequently because of unresolved termite or pest problems were deemed "problem customers" and were flagged in the system. In addition, their zip codes or addresses were altered to read incorrectly, then when their renewal contracts and payments were due, they would never receive them and would be dropped as customers. As a salesperson, I was hired with my manager stating that "we are Terminix, we do not cold-call, you will have so many leads that you will not be able to handle the business."  Day one, after my "training," I was cold-calling all day long; in three months, I received maybe 20 leads, total. I was told by management that I could not leave the office without a minimum of 7 inspections set up for the day, on most days this was impossible. I was taught by the sales team to "poof", I asked what that was, I was told that you get the phone book or a cold call list and put in fake appointments! It was all a numbers game, so management looks like it is doing their job and getting the sales teams out there and getting them in front of potential customers.  They all know that it is a scam and a lie. Best of all, if they get tired of complaints by you, they call you in and tell you that they caught you making up fake appointments! Any complaints about bad service or lying or falsification of documents, treatment or proper treatments would be met with being fired.  I witnessed countless foundations with damage due to the installation of our new crawlspace vents, which we were to push on people. I saw well over 100 homes with foundation damage and ruined and cracked blocks due to improper installations of these vents. The idea is to take money in, and then do nothing for the customer.  Any time or money spent is viewed as a "loss" by management. People who do develop termite problems and are entitled to a "whole house" treatment are given small 'area" treatments which leave them vulnerable to further infestations, the idea being that they will later "drop" these customers and not have to deal with any further damage claims or treatments. How this company exists, is beyond me, how they can go on indicted and continuing this fraud is a criminal matter, it was truly unbelievable. I am sure that a 60 Minute type investigation is in the cards....shortly.  I was told I had to take my car and all the 4 weeks of training, 2 with technicians 2 weeks with sales people, I thought that this was unusual and I found out why.... after one sales call or pest or termite job I was told to "go home, everyone does it, I don't want you around with me on my sales calls/pest-termite calls", so, I went home. I was told that “Martin" knows that all this goes on but turns a blind eye about it all. So much for "Training."  My second day in training I did a termite liquid job on a myself, just someone in a truck standing by "watching" me.  He wasn’t watching me, and I had no idea what I was doing.  I also had no safety gear on at all, no goggles or safety glasses, no gloves, nothing, just my street clothes.  Gotta love Termnix!

West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky - 3/08. I worked for Terminix a little over four years, three of them as service manager for a great bunch of technicians. I've been in pest control business for about 15 years. My happy day started on the 20th of December a week before Christmas. I was told they were going to replace me. It happened to be an acting branch manager from another branch. I was going to get an $1100 pay cut and get to run a route again which I was doing anyway for four months prior because of technicians quitting or getting fired by our god-like branch manager. Come to find out the "NEW" service manager wasn’t allowed to work at his branch anymore because of cussing out his employees; Human Resources never did anything about it, and the Region manager (his buddy) decided to give him my job.  So I made them fire me. I couldn't take the big pay cut; and yes, I've seen it all there: Falsified records... jobs completed that weren't done... a $30,000 insulation job that was completed 4 months before it was finished just to make the budget look good... termite stations that were supposed to be replaced with the new Advance stations were completed in the computer but not at the customers’ home or business.  When I left, there was about 75 still not replaced.   And so on and so on.  Problem is that the region, branch, termite and service managers are all sales people.  They're not service oriented at all. Our branch manager sent a tech out to get rid of bat eggs from a church.  No such thing.  He also wanted to know what kind of bait we put in mechanical traps.  NONE. Just an example of the stupidity at Terminix.  No proper training at all.  Anyway, I'm glad I’m gone.  Stay away from Terminix unless you like 10-minute services.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 2/08. Employed 6 mos., got fired for losing driver’s license.  At first, they said I could stay and work an admin position in office but they just wanted to keep me till the last possible minute to exploit me and get more 15 hr. days out of me. I could have gone back to my old job sooner, making three times the money at a third the hours. They lie in order to get the job done even if making empty promises to a supposed valued employee at $10.25/hr.  Even 15-hr days didn't earn enough $ to pay bills.  There are no pay raises. They say when you get certified you get more money but I didn't bother because they would give the run around giving you the $75 for the test back.  I was also told the raise would only be about 5 cents an hour, not worth it. The people I worked w/were good.  It is a shame they are automatons for the big "T."

? - 2/08.   I have injured myself working for this company. I called in ill because I was hurting too much, needed to rest a little. My branch manager told me that if I take anymore days off I will “have to get another job and Terminix does not give a  f**k about my injuries.”  This is how this company treats its workers.  It is no wonder how they treat the customer.

? - 1/08. Worked for 6 months. Was horrible. Forced to work ungodly hours, had to deal with Silvercreek sales firm who does door knocking to generate sales.  They would lie about how the contracts were stated and led customers to believe it was a one-shot deal and they would never see pests as long as they live in that home after one treatment.  We were told to go along with it.

? - 1/08. My husband is very unhappy, he works for Terminix, comes home at 7 or 8 at night, does not get paid for the hours he does doing office work.  He worked a 10-hour day in the field and was only paid for a five-hour day. This is the nonsense that Terminix puts my husband through.

Cincinnati, Ohio - 1/08. I want to share my experience with you as a ex - Terminix employee.  I accepted a job as a Pest Control Tech at the Comm. Pest control office in Middletown, Ohio, in 12/2002.  After getting hired, I was taken out for "training" for a day with another employee. At the time, he was being groomed for a promotion to a position as a Service Manager, after about 3 or so years with the company.

During the training day, we made service visits to several of his accounts. At the stops, I observed several examples of sub-standard work done by him that all related to poor maintance of rodent interior and exterior bait stations. A real no-no if your facility is AIB inspected. We also made a stop at his apartment, that he shared with a live in girlfriend, so he could pick up a pager that he had forgotten to bring with him since he had been running late that morning. We engaged in conversations throughout the day. Also that day we both discussed our backgrounds in pest control. I talked about the over 7 years of experience in the pest control business I received when I was in my 20's. I was 33 when I took the job at Terminix. At that point he became quiet and seemed to be a little intimidated. I also told him I was enrolled in college part time and working on a degree.

After returning to the office, he stabbed me in the back and immediately had a closed door meeting with our boss. Behind my back, and without an opportunity to defend myself, he told the boss I was attending school. He also said I talked too much, and I was slow. I have never been accused of either of those things before. He had been intimated by me because he felt that a newcomer with more experience, and also more intelligence than he could derail his long-awaited promotion.

In March of 2003, I was fired from Terminix. I had been receiving harassment from the supervisor about my status as a student. He felt I would not get my work completed, when I never had any problems with that. When I refused to quit school they began fishing for things to hold against me, so they could build an acceptable reason for termination. On my Separation Notice, it was stated that I was fired for failure to work a required workday; Saturday March 15, 2003, when I had no accounts scheduled for service. They also checked the "Not eligiable for rehire" checkbox on the form.

Several days later, I phoned Memphis, and spoke to the Regional Service Supervisor. I informed him of the failure of my manager Dan Dawson to provide me safety equipment (gloves, and glasses). He knew I had been fired several days before. He said nothing of any substance about the management’s failure to provide the equipment but did say that my separation was a "good separation," and that he agreed that my college enrollment would get in the way of the job in the future at some point.

In summary, my experience with Terminix taught me that the company is managed by individuals of questionable ethics; as well as inattention to the customer. A company who treats its employees unfairly is not a company to engage in business with. I would not trust my home or business to them, would you?