These complaints against TruGreen (formerly TruGreen-ChemLawn), a ServiceMaster subsidiary, are just some of those submitted to “Terminix - Consumer Alert!”  The information they contain is unverified. Judge for yourself if you believe them, as I do.

TruGreen Complaints

Tennessee - 7/07. I worked for Tru Green before coming to Terminix.  I must say they are both money-driven companies, not about customers at all.  We as employees must do over 200 stops a month or money is taken from us. And most customers don't understand that if they move, cancel, agreement expires, or dies, another percent is taken from our paychecks. Terminix has never taught me how to do pest control. I worked spraying poison chemicals for 4 months before sending me to a 1 week class. Our office constantly fights, branch manager and secretaries stab each other in the back daily. Salesmen are instructed to tell you whatever they have to to get the sale. Service Master is about selling not pest control or lawn care. The longer I work there, the more decrease in my pay. Our office scheduler has grudges and purposely put cancels on our pay from customers that never canceled to hurt our paychecks, and the company still won't do anything about or refund our money. Nice to see I could find a place to vent.  I'm going elsewhere fast.


Suisun City, California - 7/07. TruGreen came on my property and destroyed trees. Please view and pass along the following links:


St. Louis, Missouri - 6/07. TruGreen Chemlawn sprayed my yard without asking if I wanted their service and then billed me. I refused to pay for 3 months and then after they were threatening to ruin my credit, went ahead and paid it.


Florida - 5/07. Confessions of a Former Trugreen Lawn Technician.  The former employee's confessions are so informative and revealing that governmental agencies -- especially Florida's Attorney General's Office and the U.S. EPA -- should be asked if they've seen the information and if they plan to take any action.


Michigan.  - 8/05. I had a good relation with the branch in Pontiac DETROIT for 2 years.  The end of 2004 season I call TRUGREEN-CHEMLAWN (Pontiac) MICHIGAN, to stop the service. The beginning of 2005 they did one application without my authorization and charge me for it.  Then I had to pay $475 to fix the damage they have done on my trees from burning a couple spruces branches.  When I call the office and I asked the clerk why you charge me and send the bills to the collection agency for $43 only for one application I do not ask for it.  If they like to go court, I’m ready.


Georgia -10/04. We started service with TruGreen in May of 2004. At the time we started the service we were having some problems with weeds in our sod. The first time they treated, our yard was beautiful thick green healthy looking, but in July we noticed it was turning brown like it was trying to go into dormant even though we watered and cut the grass like we were told to do. Then in August I finally complained so they started service calls, what a joke, they wouldn't come when they said they would and free service is not worth it to me if the service sucks in the first place so I canceled on September 13.  Two days later I hired a new company to come clean up the mess TruGreen had left. The day they treated, TruGreen sent a tech out and he treated on top of the other company sticking his sign in the ground right beside the other. Then tells me he didn't see it? What a dumba--! He also said no one in the office told him I canceled my service two days before. So I called and raised hell. The customer service chicks are total dumba--es too and make excuses after excuses. Needless to say I refuse to pay for the regular service that was done in August before they started the service calls. I wrote a letter explaining why I refuse to pay it. They call every day which is considered harassment to me. The stupid @#%$! need to get a clue. So I filed a complaint with the BBB and I made a complaint to the branch manager via email. We'll see if it does any good. I know I will not pay that bill.. They can stick it up their ass! Besides they have on there statements "Results are Guaranteed or Your money Back". They need to abide by that if they’re going to advertise that on the bills!!!


Tampa, Florida - 6/04.  I just happened to stumble on this site.  TruGreen damaged my lawn, that actually was in awesome shape and had only given the service to TruGreen in May to help with some of the duties.  Since my husband treated his lawn like a baby, he was on top of it with keeping it green and insect control. Once we hired TruGreen, the lawn got horrible and then they sprayed weed killer and killed the grass in August.  Originally they told us they had similiar situation and then they sent a letter that we were vandalized by unknown parties and denied our claim.  Our neighbor had seen them spray. We live in a beautiful gated community, no enemies; but they alleged I got vandalized.  My husband has a three-inch folder; and believe me, we will not give up.  The entire company for ServiceMaster is performing wrongful act and not correcting their mistakes.  They are unprofessional and believe me we tell everyone.  We do not want anyone to experience what were did and are.


Georgia - 8/03 (TGCL-22). I live in Georgia, and the office which serviced my lawn is out of North Augusta, SC. They have the worst customer service I have ever seen. They were dishonest and did poor work. My lawn is a mess because they failed to follow through on the service I requested. The management continued to brush me off.  They set appointments and never came. They sprayed chemicals on my lawn that ruined portions of my grass. I am so disappointed I don't ever want them on my lawn again.


Texas - 3/03 (TGCL-21). I would like to add my complaint to your long list.  We hired Trugreen when we found a brown patch of turf last August. They came out and said we had chinch bugs and began treatment. We now have 5,000 sq. ft. of dead grass. We tried going up the chain of command, and all they did was blame us for our dead lawn and refused to do anything about it.  I took a soil sample to the County Agent and found out we had "Take All Root Rot." The Trugreen "experts" had kept telling us we had "drought stress" and come to find out Take All Rot is caused by too much water and all the nitrogen fertilizer they put on our lawn caused the fungus to grow. I have gone all the way through the chain of command from Austin, Dallas, and then to Memphis; and they now say they are not responsible because it was a pre-existing condition!  I have been quoted $2,900 to fix our lawn and we intend on trying to get it out of Trugreen.  Please beware that they don't care.  I recently received a form letter from them asking us to hire them back with "satisfaction guaranteed." What a joke!


TGCL-20 (1/03).  My husband worked for Trugreen Chemlawn for over two years. The things that happen at management level are enough to make a sane person want to go "postal." He never had a skin problem and then about a month and a half after starting there, he would constantly have small red rashlike bumps around his collar and on his arms. About four months into the employment from hell, his feet started to itch, bleed and peel. At first I thought it was severe athlete’s foot, but we went to the specialist (because our family dr. had no idea what it was) he said it was from chemical irritation. As stupid as I felt for it all not clicking sooner (almost a year and a half later), my husband developed bad headaches. Those were mainly from the stress of the management. At that point, I told him to start looking for something else. He finally found something, put in his two weeks notice, and was happy when Trugreen did one of the most unprofessional things ever done in history! It was Wednesday, my husband’s last day was set to be that Friday. He was in the locker area changing out of his work clothes when the second head jerk told him he wanted to talk to him. The conversation started with, "so, I heard you were quitting. I wish you would stay, but since you won't good luck." My husband told him thanks and thought nothing of it. Until, the other wanna be jerk manager came into the bathroom where my husband was washing his hands and said, " So, you're leaving on Friday, huh?"  “Yes,” my husband replied. “I found something else that will pay better.” The manager then responded with "well, you might as well make today your last day, that way we don't have to pay you for two extra days. YOU'RE FIRED!"  In the men’s bathroom, of all places!  That shows you what type of company Trugreen is. To top it all off, my husband was up for a bonus and they said he had too many customers complain and he no longer was qualified for it on his next check. Hmmmm, less than two hours earlier he was up for a 15% bonus and now he's magically not. To this day, we still have not gotten his W2 and just to get the form for a copy of it we had to have the IRS call the corporate offices!

Also, the Fairfield, Ohio branch of Trugreen Chemlawn was being investigated for illegal chemical waste dumping into a creek on one employee’s land. They paid him "overtime" the weeks they emptied the overflow or unused chemicals at his property.  I don't know what became of it.


St. Louis, Missouri - 1/03 (TGCL-19).  I am a previous employee of TruGreen Chemlawn of St. Louis, and let me tell you how much they don’t care about their employees (mainly lawn technicians) and the customer.  Some info from the inside that most people don’t know is that you shouldn’t be mad at the guy treating your lawn. Like me, they probably are given a goal to hit for the day (a dollar goal), and the sooner they hit it, they can go home.  Now, they just raise the goal up higher to get more money out of the employees and the customers. If you want to get mad, get mad at the managers.


Ohio - 12/02 (TGCL-18).  I sent pics to Department of Agriculture in Ohio and to news stations in the area of the illegal dumping that takes place every winter from TGC in Cincinnati.  The chemicals are dumped within 100 ft. of the Great Miami River at an employee’s house. One picture showed 740 gallons of pre-m herbicide spilling out of the back of a TruGreen truck. I sent these pics out almost a year ago. EPA has even caught them doing it (Dec. 2001). Good luck taking on the ServiceMaster mafia.

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