These complaints against TruGreen (formerly TruGreen-ChemLawn), a ServiceMaster subsidiary, are just some of those submitted to “Terminix - Consumer Alert!”  The information they contain is unverified. Judge for yourself if you believe them, as I do.

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TGCL-11 (4/01).  OH MY GOD, IT’S NOT JUST ME THAT FEELS THIS WAY! My previous owner sold his company also.  Ever since, it has been Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride with a revolving door of regional managers, administrators, and work force that spins so fast you could use it for a fan.  I was content with my previous employer and never applied for a job with this corporation. None of these people asked to be treated like this and needs to stop.

TGCL-10 (10/00). My complaint is with their TruGreen-ChemLawn division. My site:

Webmistress note:  The site contained pictures of his lawn before and after TruGreen-ChemLawn treated, and it looked to me as if they planted weed seeds and applied lawn-killing chemicals on some areas. Updated Feb 24, 2001, the site now states, “This site has been deleted.  I have my lawn back -- this site served its intended purpose; i.e., to get truegreen-chemlawn to make good on our contract -- they have.”

TGCL-8 (3/01). I am a previous marketing manager who was employed by TruGreen/ServiceMaster.  ServiceMaster’s revenue is mostly developed by TruGreen.  If you want to see how bad things are, do this:

  1. Contact a very reputable pest control company which treats for lawns.  Have them complete a lawn analysis. Then call TruGreen and have them do one.
  2. Compare results. If they are off, set up a video camera and catch this salesman trying to sell you lawn care!
  3. Sell the video to 20/20. It’s a scam the public should know.
  4. You are now a hero and put a serious hurt to TruGreen and ServiceMaster!

Webmistress note:  I sincerely doubt 20/20 or any of the other major network news programs would air it.  From what I’ve been told, they’ve chosen to pass on much worse information which was handed to them on a silver platter.

TGCL-7 (3/01). Don’t forget to include Chemlawn as part of the happy family.  I wasted my money on an annual treatment program and wound up growing more weeds and raising insects in what used to be my lawn.

TGCL-6 (7/00). I am a customer for 15 more long days. That’s only because I had to give a 15-day “punch list” and listen to unfulfilled promises, then I had to give a thirty-day termination notice per the contract and listen to more broken promises.  I am the condo president of a 136-home community; my sister Association has 164 homes. We hired this company because they did, and we thought it would be of some benefit having the same company service both sides of a large property.  Wrong!  They fired TruGreen ChemLawn months ago, the last day here with us is July 31st. I only wish I had fired [TGCL] sooner. We are just two communities; but here in Orlando, TGCL name is spreading fast, and it is not pretty.  I work in sales selling to apartments and hotels.  I am going to make it a personal mission to tell everyone I meet about my experience with this company.

Update:  Today is the last day for TGCL, and I will have to say that the new branch manager made a reasonable effort to go out in a professional manner.  My concern was never really about competence (with the exception of the irrigation crew).  The crew assigned here the last few months works hard and knows what they are doing.  They were never given a chance to do the job right. That is, they were always a man or two short and never, until this last week, permitted enough hours on the property to get the job done right. The last two visits to the property, man hours were increased, followed by an extra day of detail work today with four men all day and four additional for a few hours this afternoon.  The property looks better.  I am still paying my new landscaper a thousand dollars to come in early next week with chemicals for weed control and fertilizer for the trees, bushes, and turf. I am also paying my new landscaper about another fifteen hundred dollars to do additional detail work prior to taking over the property.  We will see if TGCL figures out they have to take care of customers before they get notice that they are about to be fired. I hope so. Todd May, the supervisor assigned to my property, deserves better support. He is a good man.  Mike Guthrie, the new area manager, is impressive and may be able to turn around the mess he inherited in Florida.

TGLC-5 (12/99).  I work for TruGreen, and I know first hand how TruGreen works.  They say they care about the customer, but all they really care about is the almighty dollar.

TGCL-4 (3/00). I have for years battled with this company.  I find they have what I would consider to be the most ineffective company in pest control and in their attempts at lawn maintenance feeding. The only thing they have down is being able to call on the telephone to schedule something and then do nothing that they are told to do. We have a lawn of nearly 10,000 sq. ft. and they would come in and feed it in less than 5 minutes many times.  If you called, they would send someone back; and that service would be 5 minutes.  Their pest control is no better.

TGCL-3 (1/00). I am in the process of building a similar page (which is near completion) describing my experiences in management with TruGreenChemlawn, a sister company of Terminix and part of the ServiceMaster family.  The experiences that I’m referring to are related, but limited to, the illegal dumping of pesticides and the suspension and forced resignation that I was given after reporting said activities. The irony is that I was the Marketing Manager in the San Diego Branch of TruGreen.

Note:  A web site of this nature did appear on the Internet for a short period of time; then disappeared.  The domain name is now owned by ServiceMaster.

TGCL-2 (7/99). My husband at the age of 33 suddenly died this past December of leukemia.  He worked for TruGreen Chemlawn for a little over three years mixing and applying their chemicals.  I also worked for the same company for three years and know all too well of their deceptive practices.

TGCL-1 (1/99).   ServiceMaster/Chemlawn/TruGreen bought our company and threw people around like they were rag dolls. I stayed with their firm for almost one month before I actually began to find out how they treat customers and some of the unreal expectations they have from their employees. When they have a buy out, they will tell you everyone will or should still have a job. What they don’t tell you is that you will be demoted, your work hours will change dramatically, you will work at least six days a week, given a goal to hit, and rarely, and I mean rarely, ever talk about customer satisfaction. All their in-house contests are based on how much can be done, how much money is brought in. No one at Chemlawn/TrueGreen in Wisconsin ever said little to nothing about the customer when these employee contests are run. I had to quit after 30 days of what I saw, and this was just a small area of what I saw.  It scared me, and I left. I actually could write a 50-page book on these people, but I really don’t want to get into it.  Just thought I would let you know about just a small part of their customer service and the type of misleading people I think they are.