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Terminix - Consumer Alert!

Even with Terminix’s representations and warranties in writing and with legal documents, you could end up financially ruined -- or much worse!

You may have a right to unpaid overtime wages or to a damages award for labor law violations.  For free legal consulation:

Terminix may owe you unpaid overtime wages: or


Suit against Terminix settled out of court (3/08) -- Dickens vs. Terminix settled out of court.

Pest-control contracts source of court battle (3/08) -- Dickens vs. Terminix alleging fraud, breach of warranty, negligence and breach of contract, and seeking compensation for termite damage.

California Class Action Filed Against Terminix (1/08) -- Suit claims company failed to deliver on termite prevention services

Terminix Loses Important Class Action Issue in Arkansas (1/08)

Terminix’s New “No Treatment” Contracts -- Terminix testified in January that it has been offering no treatment contracts for about a year and knew before issuing these contracts that failing to provide a complete treatment would result in termite infestations 100 percent of the time. These same contracts are offered in all but two to four other states in the U.S. If you have been conned by one of these contracts, call Campbell Law and help us stop this corporate rip-off in Arkansas and elsewhere.

Sign on with Terminix; and like many other customers, you may also experience:

  • worthless guarantees
  • false promises
  • fraudulent pest inspection reports
  • unkept appointments
  • unreturned telephone calls
  • ineffective treatments
  • extensive property damages
  • signing an annual contract for monthly inspections, only to be told inspections will be conducted quarterly -- at the same price
  • billing for services not performed
  • falsified records
  • being turned over to a collection agency for fees already paid
  • losing a beloved pet
  • losing all your possessions
  • being forced to leave your home for years
  • suffering or watching helplessly as your children and spouse suffer life-threatening, life-altering effects of misapplied toxic chemicals
  • being unable to sue for any of the above if you signed a contract -- the contract contains a mandatory arbitration clause
  • bankruptcy

Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Attorney General:
“Terminix degraded the environment, defied the law, and endangered Connecticut citizens. Terminix must make amends, not just apologies, for its egregious, repeated lawlessness.”

Bob Butterworth, Florida Attorney General:
“On the properties we inspected, we found that as many as 25 percent of the holes drilled for chemical injection were in effect dummy holes with no chemicals applied. We also found supposedly treated areas where the company had drilled no holes at all.”

Eliot Spitzer, New York Attorney General:
“This cover up had a significant impact on Terminix customers who were trying to deal with termites.  As a result of this defendant’s actions, paying customers did not receive the treatment they paid for.”

10th Circuit Court of Appeals (Bielicki v. Terminix International Co., L.P.):
“The evidence supporting our conclusion that Terminix authorized, participated in, or ratified Sanchez’s conduct... establishes Terminix’s indifference to, and reckless disregard for, the health and safety of plaintiffs.  Because the atmosphere of condoning disregard of safety concerns resulted in permanent physical injuries to the plaintiff, we cannot denounce the award as excessive based on lack of reprehensibility.”

Since this web site has been available to the public, I have been privileged to hear from many Terminix employees and hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other dissatisfied Terminix customers. It did not take long for me to realize “denial of any wrongdoing” is a typical Terminix response, and there are cases much worse than ours. We were financially ruined; but unlike numerous others, we still have our health and our home. Indeed, Terminix’s business practices are such that fines have been levied or settlements made with several State agencies; i.e.:

  • New Jersey Attorney General and Consumer Affairs Director Announce Terminix to Pay Penalty and Resolve Consumer Complaints Under Settlement Agreement
  • Terminix Pays $80,000 Settlement in New Jersey for Fumigation Safety Violations
  • New York Attorney General announces Terminix to Pay $759,000 for Environmental Violations; Company Also Violated Consumer Protection Laws
  • Massachusetts Attorney General announces $100,000 Terminix settlement
  • Connecticut Attorney General announces $1,000,000 Terminix settlement
  • Ohio Department of Agriculture Revokes Buckeye Terminix Co., Inc.’s Business License
  • Kentucky Attorney General announces $800,000 Terminix settlement
  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Conservation announces $225,000 penalty against Terminix for severe fish kill
  • Terminix Agreement with Florida Attorney General Could Reach Millions of Dollars
  • State of Massachusetts vs. Terminix
  • New York vs. Terminix -- $50,000 penalty
  • Terminix enters into Consent Order with New York Department of Environmental Conservation, paying the State of New York $11,000 for civil penalties and agreeing to remediate the property in question -- the same property involved in the $215,000,000 civil suit below.  No admission of liability or guilt...
  • Trimper vs. Terminix.  $215,000,000 civil suit against Terminix in New York -- “2 dead, 3 injured, 3 years homeless” (see photo below).  Settlement favorable to the Plaintiffs reached just days before the long-awaited arbitration hearing was to begin.
    November 18, 2000 - Three  months after Terminix agreed to Consent Order of the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. The Trimper family was unable to return home until December 15, 2001.

Based on numerous consumer and employee complaints, lawsuits, and governmental investigations; an arbitration provision in Terminix’s contracts, which prevents Terminix customers from filing lawsuits and protects Terminix’s reputation by keeping disputes out of public records; and my own Terminix nightmare, including two separate lawsuits filed against me to keep this information from the public, I am convinced Terminix and ServiceMaster are corrupt from the top down, and their repeated denials of any wrongdoing and doing whatever it takes to escape accountability are their standard operating procedures.  I provide this information so you may draw your own conclusions and perhaps help you decide what to do or how to fight back.

There is no intentional misrepresentation of facts, documents, or events and no intent on my part to unduly cause any injury to the reputation of any person or business or defame the name of any person or business. No warranty as to the accuracy is guaranteed.  The facts and description of events related herein are as I know them, and I have tried to provide the pertinent documentation to support any claims.  Opinions expressed are entirely those of myself or the parties who have submitted complaints and cannot be taken to represent views or opinions of anyone else. Please, if you notice something incorrect, would like further information, or want to submit a complaint for posting on this site, contact me; and if submitting a complaint, include the name of your state. If you have any other comments, kindly share them on the guestbook.

A typical dissatisfied customer will tell 8 to 10 people about his/her problem.  For me, you are at least:


Last updated: 9-9-09

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