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SYIX.COM, Yuba Sutter's Premier Internet Company, has once again taken the lead in providing the service you have grown to love!

We have instituted "Filters" that scan the incoming Email to each account here, and do a few specific things:
1.  Deny entry to any email from an non-existing domain.  No "forged" from addresses allowed.
2.  Deny entry to any email originating from "known" spam domains, ones that are there just to produce "junk email".  An example of this is cyberpromo.com.


For a complete FAQ about SPAM and what it means to us, and how to help stop it, check out: http://members.aol.com/emailfaq/emailfaq.html



Junk email costs the sender very little but can be expensive for the receiver. As the Internet Mail Consortium says, "There is no other common form of unsolicited communication that shifts so much of the cost of each message onto the recipients. " The following represent but a few of the costs:

The recipient has to pay money to receive the junk mail.

Unlike postal mail, which is delivered to your mailbox prepaid by the sender, sometimes you have to pay to check your email. You may pay connect charges to an ISP. You may pay telephone charges. A not-uncommon occurrence is to pay a long-distance charge from an airport payphone in an attempt to retrieve your email between airline connections, then being unable to get to the email you want and need because of all the clutter created by the unsolicited junk mail sent to you. This is especially frustrating when you are under time constraints, as you are when changing planes.

Computer resources are required to process the junk mail.

Junk mail uses bandwidth. Junk mail uses CPU time. Junk mail uses disk space. There are an increasing number of cases where the amount of junk mail has caused users to exceed their disk quota, so that subsequent real mail was turned away and not received.

The recipient’s time is required to sort out the junk mail.

As the quantity of junk mail increases, the cost of doing this sorting can become quite significant. Some users at large ISPs might receive a hundred pieces of junk mail for every piece of desired email. Sometimes users inadvertently toss real email while throwing away the junk.

The recipient’s attention and focus are interrupted.

The most valuable and precious resource any institution possesses is the consciousness of the humans within it. Successful people and successful institutions value the focus of that consciousness. One reason they have learned to prefer email to, say, a ringing telephone, is that email is less distracting, allowing that focus. Junk mail threatens to destroy this key advantage of email.

Junk mail damages the community.

Since people now know that contributing to a news group, posting to a discussion list, or listing their email address on a web page is opening themselves to junk mail, people are becoming more reluctant to participate in the Internet community. A great commons is being lost to vandals. Like our city spaces, which have become deserted because fear has driven us into secured compounds, the open spaces of the Internet are in danger of becoming off limits to most users.

If you have any questions about spam, or why SYIX.COM has taken this position, please feel free to contact our office at (530) 755-1751 or send email to our System Administrator