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Welcome to a SYIX.COM's Support Site


"Can't Send Email" problem resolution:

The symptoms are consistent, you could send email yesterday, today your computer can get mail, but not send it, and pops up an error screen that says it can't connect to the SMTP server. ARGH!


Here is how to make your e-mail work again.

1. Open your mail program. The following specific instructions are for Outlook Express (OE) [Windows Mail in Vista is the same] and Microsoft Outlook (MSO).

2. Hit "Tools" then go to "Accounts..." in OE or "Email Accounts" or "Email Settings" in MSO Another small window will open, and you need to click on the "Mail" tab on top in OE or dot "View or Change" in MSO. There should be an account listed there, probably says something about SYIX.COM on it. Either double click on the account, or click on the "Properties" button in OE or "Next: in MSO, then highlight the account and click on the "Change" button on the top right.

3a for OE. Another small screen will open up. First go to the Servers tab and put a check in the checkbox at the bottom that says "My server requires authentication". Next go to the last tab on the top right labeled "Advanced". And on this screen you will see "Outgoing Mail (SMTP)". Where it now says "25" clear that out, and type in "587". Then click OK at the bottom of this tab and then Close as the bottom right of "Internet Accounts" window.

3b for MSO. Click on the "More Settings" button on the bottom right. Once that window opens go the the second tab "Outgoing Server" and put a check in the first checkbox and a dot in the first circle (radio button). Then to the last tab at the top right, "Advanced" and make sure that the "Outgoing Sever (SMTP) is set from 25 to 587. Click on "OK" at the bottom, then "Next" at the bottom right and "Finish"











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