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Sept 2, 1996 Vol 2, No. ??? (Call it 6)


WELCOME!!! You have joined another mail list, and didn't even know it!
This is a private mailer, sent to all of SYIX.COM members for entertainment
and education, it used to be sent monthly, but Dave has been lax in his
responsibilities lately, more concerned with the little things like making
modems work, and not telling anyone anything about it!!!

SO! To catch you all up on what is happening around here...

1. MORE LINES AGAIN! This happened 2x in the last 2 months, in July we added 5 lines, then again on Aug 27 we added 9 more, giving us 60 incoming
lines for you to all use! More equipment is being ordered in anticipation of additional lines being ordered soon, we can't let busy signals interfere
with your enjoyment of the Internet now can we!

2. MORE SPEED! We now sport a complete T-1 circuit, running at 1.544 Megabits
a second, it allows us to reach the rest of the world at breakneck pace! It
now takes less than 20 milliseconds to reach almost any site on the net, with a
few exceptions, so your response time and speed of sites has dramatically
improved! One problem we have been seeing since about 2 weeks ago has been a
problem with Sprintlink connected systems disappearing from the Net, Sprintlink
knows about it, and the latest recording from their Network Operations Center
says "No Estimated Time of repair available". Sure glad we are not a
Sprintlink customer!

3. Web Site redesigned! We have completely changed the web site, with more
information and more stunning graphics, we offer you a way to find out all
about SYIX and our rates and services. Also we included some links for the
new Internet user, check them out! Best thing is a place to discuss local
issues, or SYIX in general, check out SYIX-TALK! will
get you there! And be sure to take a look at SYIX Presents, we are adding a
large number of both local and national web sites. SYIX is becoming known
the world over!

4. MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and more LARGE downloads....
The best solution I could find to the nonsense about trying to download all
these insanely large files and loosing connection to host was to make them
available online on OUR servers. I know you can stay connected to them, we
don't have to deal with the silliness of the Net on our local servers...
Check out "", follow the prompts to "pub" then to the computer
type you are using. BTW, the MS Internet Explorer for Win95 is now ALMOST
10Megabytes. There is a Aug20 release, its on the FTP site, but man is it
HUGE. It needs 40M to INSTALL!

5. A whoops, and apology from me, I fouled up email Sunday morning, from
around 3 am to about 1 pm, email was working, but it was impossible to send
any. I screwed up, I should know better than to make major system changes
at such an early hour. For anyone who was greatly troubled by this on
Sunday morning, I apologize, and I promise that no more major changes in the
early hours of the morning.

6. Just so you all know, we have local prefix numbers in 696, 846, 695, 671
and 821, if you know anyone who can call those prefixes, we can service them
with a local call! All connections to SYIX are into 28.8 modems, and all
connect directly to a FULL T-1. Even the ones in Gridley! The area covered
so far is from Wheatland to Gridley, Colusa to way up in the foothills, SYIX
covers them all! And if you are not a local call (voice calls) we have a 800
number now! No, we will not be offering 800 internet calls, WAY too expensive
for such a small scale. Next up, Oroville....

7. I have a shameless plug to stick in here. I need to know if a website on
SYIX will actually work to market a LOCAL product. Many people on the Net
think that the only thing to use the net to market for is for National
advertising, but I have a theory that it will work for the local market also.
Here is what you do, (and I am NOT twisting your arm, really) is go to and read the site and print the coupon and go
get a pizza. Or just call them and say you saw it on the net and were
wondering if it was for real. Or leave me or some mail and
tell us you were there. Anything to prove to Papa Murphy's and ME that there
is a viable market for local only websites. I did say shameless didn't I ...


Here is a little item I have been chided about lately, where are the sites
Dave? Well, I have a couple, then I have added a BUNCH that I shamelessly
borrowed, but hey, I really want you to know what you can do on the NET!

Mens Health Daily

I know, 1/2 of you are women, but for the men out there, this is a great
site, provides accurate information, and its nice to look at! Updated
daily, check out this great little resource!

PC Quote

Finally a full blown stock market tracking system, with graphs, with
history, with everything you could want. Register for free, and take
advantage of one of the nicest (formerly subscription only) sites for
tracking and maintaining your portfolio. Really, this is a nice gift to us all.

TechKnow Times

I have been a regular receipient of the "TechKnow times for quite some time
now, even though Thom is a bit wordy on occasion, the information provided
is some of the better stuff on the net. To subscribe follow these
instructions and signup for this weekly letter. I left his ad intact, just
so you can blame him if you can't understand the instructions!

Read TechKnow Times,
THE Source for Knowledge of Tomorrow's Technology, Today

Send E-mail to:
(Leave the Subject line blank)
In the message body, put this line: subscribe


I shamelessly borrowed these sites from TechKnow, but they are great picks,
and I do so want you to get a feel for what Thom things is great on the net!
Check them all out, you will be pleased that you did.


*** SubSpace Headquarters

Finally! An Internet game that plays in real time that is everything an
e-game should be! This is Asteroids on steroids!

See the review and links to download at

It took only minute to download the client software from Virgin Interactive's
Web Site.

Type in a player name and go to the game. You are presented with a list of
games spaces. Constant "pings" and reported response times let's you check
the response time of each server. Pick your game space and your PC's screen
becomes the control display for your rocket as you shoot at opponents and
collect points by grabbing asteroids.

My first time on I was most shaken by the fact that opponents and teammates
TALK to you through IRC-like text at the bottom of the screen. A helpful
fellow yellow team member gave me instructions on how to become the turret
gun on the back of his rocket. This reduced the number of degrees of freedom
I had to worry about while allowing me to help the team.

Even at 6:00 AM (-5:00 GMT) there are at least 20 participants. I have yet to
figure out where in the world they are. But then, does it matter?

- Reviewed by Richard Stiennon


*** The Classic CKLW Page

If you were an avid listener of top 40 radio in the 1960's or 1970's, you'll
probably appreciate this site. CKLW was a 50,000 watt radio station in
Windsor, Ontario (a Canadian city just SOUTH of Detroit - really!) that
dominated the airwaves in Detroit (and even as far away as Cleveland) for
over a decade starting in the late 60's. At night it could be heard all the
way to the East Coast, and it was the station that many other stations tried
to copy. At this page you can read all about what made the station great,
and if you have the TrueSpeech Player installed you can listen to some
airchecks and sounds from the "Big 8". You can also read comments from both
former listeners and former on-air personalities. If you're a true fan, you
can even find out where to get tapes or a video that will bring back memories
(see the listener comments section). We'd like to note that the creator of
this site is in no way related to anyone who writes for or helps edit
TechKnow Times. Yes, we would really like to note that, but we would be
lying if we did!


*** Math Website for Middle School Students

Here's a site that provides middle school students with a variety of math
links with suggested activities. This site was designed for a variety of
learning styles and for a variety of learning levels. Very impressive.


*** This is True

Each week Randy Cassingham searches the news for the strange, the bizarre,
and the just plain funny events that have taken place around the world, and
he summarizes them in a weekly e-mail that you can receive free of charge.
On the Web site you'll find some sample articles from past issues,
information on how to subscribe to the mailing list, and you can even
download "This is True" for Windows software. Of course, you can also buy
Randy's book, entitled "This is True: Deputy Kills Man With Hammer ...And 500
Other Bizarre-but-True Stories and Headlines from the Worlds Press." And
there's even a link where you can get information about the Dvorak keyboard
layout, "an ergonomic alternative to the common 'Qwerty' layout you're
probably using right now." No fancy graphics or backgrounds here, so the page
loads quickly. We subscribe to several mailing lists here at Knowledge
Technologies, but "This is True" is always a "must read!"


*** MapQuest

This site features an interactive street guide that provides access to maps
of cities around the world, and also features TripQuest, which provides city
to city driving directions for cities in the continental United States,
Canada and Mexico!


*** The Backpacker

A great page of information for the backpacker. Whether you're a beginner, or
advanced, this page explains the world of backpacking. A good web resource.


*** Sound Heaven

A cool page with tons of WAV format sounds. The sounds range from music to
quotes to effects, and on and on.

*** The Electric Playground

News, reviews and previews of video and computer games from all systems,
including Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, Atari, and more.


*** 1997 Countdown to History

Finally, in totally, completely and utterly unrelated news: from the South
China Morning Post, Hong Kong's leading English-language newspaper, we offer
the informative 1997 Countdown to History. Here, you can peruse an in-depth
analysis of all matters relating to the transition next year of the British
Crown Colony of Hong Kong to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of
the People's Republic of China. Whew. There's more to this than a longer
name, and the site simplifies the historic hand-off for anyone interested.
Follow a detailed timeline of events leading up to next July 1, or read more
about what will actually change in the new HKSAR. You'll also find basic laws
of the HKSAR and listings of joint declarations by China and the United
Kingdom. A worthwhile visit. While you still can, you'd better take your


Thanks again for reading my little diatribe, I really enjoy writing these
things, and do want you all to know what is going on at SYIX, so I am going
to continue writing them as often as I can. I will shoot for Oct 1, really!!!


Dave Overton
System Administrator
Jack of all Trades

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