November 10, 1996 Vol2 No8

New and exciting things around SYIX! More lines installed, User count up to 600 as of Nov 5, and new equipment online!

And of course the newsletter is late.....


(with 7 more incoming lines)

Another Livingston Portmaster was added to the modem bank, our 3rd, to supply you with your connection. This one has a bit of a different feature, it will supply connections for 20 modems, and 10 ISDN connections! Currently this machine has 7 modems attached to it, and 2 ISDN lines, with more stuff to be added as needed. Its name is cheetah.syix.com so if you dialin and connect to cheetah, you will know you are on lines 61+


I added an additional Web Server online last week, its hosting just a couple of domains right now, and runs UNIX on a nice little machine. Not real high tech this one, but I am going to use it for FrontPage hosting, and CGI experiments to better compliment our WebSite Server (WinNT). Some things just can't be done easily on NT, so Unix again comes to the rescue. Nice OS Unix..... This machine is named "panther", and increases the count of servers here to 17.


SYIX is still experiencing massive growth, we added 77 in October, and in the first few days of Nov hit over 600 accounts! ARGH! So many people, so little time... Some of them finally getting fed up with poor service and busy signals are moving to us from other companies, others are moving from AOL and CIS to us, and the bulk of them are new to the Internet! Welcome all of you, we appreciate the faith you have put in us!


Tom Farnow, author and creator of the U-Net Phone Book program, has graciously offered to give something back to the net! Or at least our part of it! If you have a "syix.com" address (and you all do!) then you can get a FREE REGISTRATION for the "U-Net phone book" by just asking Tom! There is a short web page describing the offer on our site, just go to



(courtesy of the sales staff)

Syix is offering free internet access to SYIX customers. Sign up 5 of
your friends, and SYIX will give you 30 days of internet access for
Free. If you get 50 people to sign up we'll give you a full year.
It's that easy. You already know how much fun the internet is. Show
it to your friends, let them see what there is "out there", and then
help them sign up with Sutter Yuba Internet Exchange. There is no
obligation to you. No money out of your pocket. All your friend has
to do is sign up with SYIX.
Our attorney says we have to say this. This offer is not redeemable
for cash, and SYIX offers and implies no warranties or guarantees.

56K Modems (or 2x USR technology)

They are coming, to a phone line near you! Unfortunately they are not coming to Marysville/Yuba City/etc. any time soon, you see, we are still in the dark ages around here, our local phone company cannot (will not?) provide us with the digital lines we need to connect directly into the phone company system, and without these lines, it flat will not work. One day (December was mentioned, but please don't hold your breaths) they say they will have the switching equipment in place to actually allow us to use "PRI" or Channelized T1 on our incoming lines, but not for some time. And what's worse? We would need to wait until AFTER the standards are adopted anyway, there are 4 different versions of the "2x" modems, Lucent, USR, Rockwell and Hayes all have different versions, and they don't talk to each other, and I am not going to buy the wrong one. Hayes tried to do this with V.Fast, and went into bankruptcy, not my idea of a way to run a company....


Take a look at this letter, tell me what's wrong :-)

"From: "YOUR_NAME" <YOURNAME@syix.com>
To: "Tech Support" <dave@syix.com>
Subject: help help
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 09:20:08 -0500
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

I can't seem to get mail on a consistant basis please call!!"

I would have loved to have called him/her, but unfortunately I have NO idea who this was from!!! Now of course, I am a bad guy, don't call when there is a problem... I do know one thing, its from a SYIX subscriber! Please watch your email, make sure your return address is CORRECT! Return addresses are ALWAYS "yourname@syix.com", replacing the yourname with "dave" or "fred" or "ssmith" or you just won't get any mail back!

CNET Ratings...

We are a little guy in a big pond I guess, once again, Marysville/Yuba City gets ignored...

GO here, fill in the form, say nice things, lets get SYIX on the map! For the company name, be sure to fill out "Sutter Yuba Internet Exchange"! Lets at least get SYIX on the list!!! Thanks for doing this for us, its very annoying not to even be listed.


SITES this Month...

Let me say first, I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 exclusively at home now, it is my favorite current choice, I no longer have to look at "get this plugin to make this work" kind of stuff, and its cleaner than Netscape at getting around. I like it better, it took a few days of using it to find that out, but I do like it better now! Give MSIE3.01 a try, you might be surprised. There is a complete version branded for SYIX available at:


and for Win31, get...



There are a few sites you need to visit daily, just to keep up on the net and see what's going on! They are, in no particular order...


These are MY daily visit sites, just hit them, add them to your bookmarks/favorites and stick them way at the top. I find this makes the entire Net a valuable resource!


According to the logs, many of you are NOT taking advantage of one of the best parts of the Net! Usenet news is where the day to day activities and discussions take place on the net, where you will find 1000's of other people with similar interests to you, and places to get free sofware and graphics for just a click! All you have to do is open your news reader, get the list of news groups (there are over 20,000 of them, it takes some time to get the list) and then wander your way around. The basic format is...

alt. - Alternative groups, not officially recognised by anyone, nor are they controlled by anyone but the people using them. They are massive in numbers and variety
comp. - computer related discussions
rec. - recreation, entertainment
soc. - social groups
news. - specifically about usenet news and newsgroups
clari. - actual news feeds from reuters and ap and whatnot, we pay for these to come to you, please use them!
sci. - Science related
misc. - lots of other stuff

And of course, there are 1000's of special local groups, most hosted by various universities or internet providers. Included in this is "syix.talk" not much used, but available anyway!

Check out the newsgroups, you might be surprised at what you find.

Once again, thanks for reading my bit of news, I hope that you enjoy these from me, I really do enjoy doing them, it just seems that I never have time anymore to do them! Well, its Sunday, I am lazing about the house, so now was the time!

Take care, and enjoy the net, we want YOU to have a great time on SYIX!

Dave Overton
Editor, Publisher, Owner, etc.....