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Date: Tue, 03 Dec 1996 22:48:24 -0800
From: Dave Overton <>
Subject: NEWS @ SYIX v2n9



December 1, 1996 Vol 2 No 9

HEY! Welcome once again to a short newsletter from your lowly System Administrator, with his somewhat lame attempt to help inform and entertain you with all he knows!

First off, let me welcome the new members, be proud, you are one of the 100 or so we have added since the last issue of News@syix, so you obviously have great taste and appreciate the finer things in life!

I hope you all saw my little write-up in the paper, JP did a great job didn't he! And I didn't even have to ask for this one, it just came out of the blue. Let JP know what you thought of the article at "" attn: JP.

And on November 29 I appeared in person on the "Mary King" show on KUBA at 3:00 pm, for those of you that heard it, thanks for listening! She apparently feels that I did okay, she asked me back in 3 months to talk about what has changed since today! I will try to let you all know when the next date is.

And I wanted to thank each of you for the kind things you all say about my little newsletter, I appreciate the comments, and it does make it all worthwhile to continue this thing! Really, thanks!

And the survey says... "KALI" wins by a landslide. The server costs $100, for a one year license, I am paying this one for ALL of us, I WANT it! Warcraft 2 has become somewhat of an obsession lately..... Its ordered, when it arrives I will set up a website at and fill in the details!

And a quick reminder, you can find this newsletter in HTML format (web page) at along with all the previous versions.

More lines installed at the office on Nov 24, bringing us up to 72 of them. Way too many for one person to have to watch, but hey, you guys needed them!

ISDN and PacBell....

For those of you that live in Loma Rica and Sutter and already despise PacBell for your incredibly dirty phone lines, and the rest of you that should hate PacBell but haven't learned to yet (Sorry PacBell employees, you are all great people, its just your SYSTEM that sucks)

ISDN line was ordered to my house. Yep, it was time for Dave to get spoiled somewhat. Centrex, great stuff, NO per minute charge for calling into our network, I can connect ALL DAY and 1. never interfere with the regular dialup lines you guys use, and 2. never get a bigger bill than ~$30 a month! COOL! I have an OLD (in computer time) ISDN adapter (they are NOT modems)
that will work at 64k on a single ISDN channel (you get 2 of them on an isdn line). I order the line, 3.5 weeks later (thats right, 3.5 WEEKS) (normal install for a centrex dialin line is 5 days) its installed! Unfortunately I didn't find out it was installed until 5 days later when I called to complain about it not be installed yet. Nobody bothered to let me know it was in... Oh well, its in anyway, lets get it working! I set down, read the book on the ISDN adapter, plug in the weird little wire that looks like it belongs on our office network, hook things up and WOW! ISDN! But... It won't work. The adapter has 2 little green lights, or rather at this point it has 2 little flashing red lights that turn green when all is fine. Not a problem, read the book more, check the settings, and shazam! Not working still.... Call ISDN help desk. We try EVERYTHING I can think of and they can think of, finally call "Priority Repair" (having 70+ lines in your office does have some advantages, when I call repair, I get to talk to a human being!) PR says, all looks fine, it should work. Finally after DAYS longer, we get a service guy to come to the house. He hooks up his equipment, says, and I quote, "Its all fine!". Yeah right. Let me look at what you are using for settings... I pull out my little tag that has the settings to use (unlike telephones, you actually have to tell a Terminal Adapter what kind of switch the phone company is using) and lo and behold, the installer has supplied me with information on the "switch type" that was wrong (he had DMS-100, its National ISDN), the SPIDS wrong (he had
916751xxxx and its 916751xxxx01) and generally steered me and the ISDN help guy and the Priority Repair girl down the wrong street, road and highway. We were ALL pissed. Now I got a GREEN LIGHT! Then I get 2 GREEN LIGHTS! WOW!!!! I was REAL excited, I can now cruise the internet at 64K at NO per minute charge! WOW! Whoops. I can't get it to connect. Not a problem I says, I have done this before, we just need to play with settings again, and I can make it work. After a couple of hours, I can get 56K connections, but still no 64K. Back to Ed at ISDN repair (forgot to mention him huh?) He says, its should work, but he can't connect to it either. Finally after much time, I get a connect, but it will NOT move any data at 64K.
Interesting quote from repair at this time, "We only guarantee a connect, not data transfer". Really. I about laughed my head off, that was when I used the awe-inspiring "escalate this" phrase. Wow, that worked, same tech guy comes to the house, tests it at my end, and he can't move data either, but it can connect. ALMOST says, well, there you go, it connects, its okay. NOT I says, it STILL won't move data. At this time, I was blamed, the equipment in our office was blamed, the world was against me, and I was loosing this battle. BUT, I persisted (remember escalate?) and finally they did a step by step test, from my house to the central office, and amazing enough, found a bad card in a slot in the CO. And as I write this, I am happily moving data at around 7K per second from me to the internet and back again, web pages actually open, graphics actually jump on the screen, and shockwave is still slow.... Can't get everything can you?

Notes about ISDN. Time from "dial" to connect (including verify username/password) about 4 seconds. 7K transfers constant, binary or ascii doesn't seem to matter. Web pages on a normal server jump right in, on a slow server they are still slow.... Cost per month, with Centrex from our office to here, $32.95 a month plus taxes, install cost was $225. Per minute charge to PacBell for use, $0 for connection to office. To connect to any other ISDN adapter, its 3 cents a minute. ISDN adapter cost $400 over 1 year ago, now much cheaper. (anyone want to buy a Motorola Bitsurfer, I have this one to sell! I want both channels!) 4 seconds to surf the net, and NO noise! Very awesome, and very nice. Oh yeah, since I indirectly pay something like $7,000 a month for my internet access, we can give you a great deal, one channel is $49.95, 2 channels is $74.95.



The Gutenberg Webster's Unabridged Dictionary is completely available on the internet! This is a complete dictionary, look up unabridged for why, and its available to you over the net for the time of a few downloads, and a LOT of disk space. For easier transfer, its broken up in parts, and .zip'ed for ease of transfer. The basic site is:

And the files start with this one:

And end with this one:

(the ab in the first filename is the A and B section, the X Z is, guess what, the X - Z section.....)

And of course, if you don't really need the complete dictionary on your own computer, check out Websters Collegiate Dictionary online. Its happily living, with nice features like word of the day and whatnot...

Nice Mail

I get mail... I do get lots of mail really, actually John got this one, but hey, he gets a few! Anyway, I wanted to share with you what just ONE person has to say about SYIX and why we are NUMBER ONE! (I am real proud of what we have done here, and by we, I mean YOU and those of us at the office). Check out these nice words....

From: "************" (sorry, I feel funny about using his name)
To: "John Bierly" <>
Subject: Thanks
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 18:23:40 -0800


Thanks again for understanding. At work almost everyone in my shop is on the Internet. They all either go with JPS or OTN. When I got my computer they were telling me to go with there server, but I have always liked to be different. I made a choice to go with MAKO at first, but when they did not even have software for me I decided to go with SYIX. In the few months I have noticed a growth in the Internet and the number of it's users. Now I always here the same people that told me I was stupid for going through you guys. They are complaining about busy signals, and at times is runs real slow. I just wanted to tell you I am happy with my choice with SYIX. I have only gotten one busy signal this whole time, and even during high traffic hours I don't notice too much of a slow down. You guys are great, and best of all you are down to earth people who understand when a loyal customer is in a bind. Thank you for being human and understanding, I will stay with you as long as I am in the area!! Keep up the good work, I tell everyone how great you are! Later


Microsoft IE!
As you may have noticed, I am somewhat happy with MSIE 3.01. I like it MUCH better than Netscape Navigator, but I only use the browser portion, not the mail or news portion, so if you do, please continue suffering along with Navigator... Anyway, if you have seen the light and moved to the MS product (that should get me some hate mail huh?) then check out this site, its got
lots of neat tricks to help you use MSIE to the fullest! Seriously, MSIE comes for Win31, Win95 and Mac now, you have no excuse to use Navigator any longer....

Not really weather, this is more the status of the net, check this site, its a listing of most of the major points on the net and their status at the day progresses, checked every 15 minutes.

For those of you that are want to save the world, or have some other reason for involving yourself in "causes", here is the site for you! Only true card carrying Democrats need apply :-)

Everyone just once has got to take a look at the live cameras on the net. Someone finally made it easy to find them, check out the ones in San Francisco and Sacramento!

This one is going to have an effect on us all, eventually. BeOS and the BeBox are NEW, quite nice, and people all over the net are talking about them! Check it out at:

Thanks for reading my little newsletter... Its been a rough month for us, and December will be even busier, but hey, I did get this out closer to the 1st this time!

If you wish, I would like to open this forum to others, I will be editing the submissions, and may just randomly delete them (especially if they are blatant advertisements) but if you wish to get the word out to many of our other users, this is the best way to do so!

Enjoy the Internet, and don't get discouraged if you can't get me on the phone, I really do try to call you back!

See ya!

Dave Overton
Editor, Writer, Publisher, Distributor.....

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