January 29, 1998                 Volume 4, Number 1

From Thu Jan 29 12:00:00 1998
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 12:00:00 -0800
From: Dave Overton <>
To: Everyone!
Subject: NEWS@SYIX v4n1
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Jan 29, 1998                   Vol 4 No 1
(published in ASCII, as email was intended)
Volume 4!  Our 4th year in publication!
This is your First issue of the 1998 year of NEWS@SYIX!  SYIX.COM's occasional
newsletter to fill you in on happenings around here, and in the world at large.  I say
occasional, because this started as a sort of monthly letter, then turned into a sort
of quarterly letter, now its seems that it's a bi-annual letter...  (last issue was
June 22, 1997) 
Quickly, I would like to bring you up to speed on the changes that have taken place in
the last 6 months (as I can remember them)
1.  Added 92 Digital Lines to support K56Flex modems and ISDN adapters.
2.  Added 2 new Pentium 2 Servers, one for Websites the other for Usenet News.
3.  Added an intermittant Quake/Quake World/Quake2 server (see more later).
4.  Installed a very nice "state of the art" voice mail system.
5.  Added to our staff.
6.  Changed completely the layout of our website.
7.  Expanded our offices to 2 different locations (more later).
8.  Expanded our local dialing area to include South Sutter County (Nicolaus Area).
9.  Doubled our membership!
10.  I dunno, there has to be more.....  Oh yeah, reduced our rates by 20%!!!
We kept looking at our office, day in and day out, wondering, what can we do to make
things a bit more "organized" around here.  Well, we found a solution!  We moved all
the SALES and ACCOUNTING functions to a new office!  Its isn't very far away from the
old one (about 20 paces or so) but its MUCH nicer to look at, has all the things we
needed, and is fully up and running today!  A very nice office, you have got to come
take a look at it!  Come into the parking lot, and look for the great big blue and
white SYIX.COM on the wall, you can't miss it.  The sales/admin office hours are 8 to
6, Mon to Fri, 10 to 4 on Sat.
Our old office is now our "Network Operations Center" which is more in line with what
it is being used for, and will be re-arranged to allow us to better manage our ever
growing network.  
Many of you have been with us for a long time, and you remember when Internet Access
was $30.00 a month!  At 500 accounts SYIX.COM reduced its rates to $24.95, so in
keeping with that trend, (and in the spirit of the season) we reduced our rates to
$19.95 on Christmas Day!  We we not really exactly at 1000 yet, but we were only 12
short, so figured what the heck!  By the way, accounts do not equal members, we have a
lot more members than accounts (multiple use accounts) 
Just so you know, we have had our most successful month ever, adding over 150 accounts
since Christmas day. 
I know, its never up, its slow, its ......  (fill in here).  Well, the Quake/etc server
is due for a "wakeup" soon, its on the list of things to get fixed once and for all,
originally it was just a lark, just to see if it ever got used, and since it has been
successful, we are going to be dedicating a machine just for that purpose, a nice new
shiny one, that goes like heck...  Time to rollout of new machine?  Within 30 days or
We were suffering from massive USENET NEWS problems, our server was just not hacking it
under the load of messages coming in daily.  So, to fix it, I built a new server, get
this..  Pentium 2, 256M RAM, 21G Harddrive, 100Mb Ethernet.  This is truly a screaming
machine.  All 10,000 RPM Cheetah SCSI-UW drives, it will drive you nuts with its
screaming it does, but man is it fast!  Now we average over 450,000 articles a day,
moving almost 4Gb of data in and 2.5Gb out it daily.  This machine has been constantly
running, with NO downtime for 3 weeks, I am rather proud.   Check it out,
For the daily Stats on the news server, take a look at:
I know, why did you have to go and do that?  Well, since we split the offices, we had
to have some way of knowing just who you wanted to talk to didn't we?  Here is the
If you want to talk to "SALES" or "BILLINGS" or any other administrative type stuff,
call and hit "4" when the message starts.  If you need "TECH" type help, just hit "3".
It will ring phones in the different offices depending on what kind of help you need.
To round it all out...
Our direct lines are:
	John	10
	Dave	11
	Mike	12
	James	15
	Bill	16
You really don't have to listen to the cheesy messages, just hit the keys you want when
the "machine" answers.  And I promise to fix the cheesy music very soon now.....
Meaning, what have we seen a LOT of recently?  VIRUS's!!!  You guys/gals are finding
them in the strangest places.  Usually NOT online though.  Had a fun one the other day,
called "Die Hard", and it was.  Infected every file with a .exe or .com or .sys
extension.  Had to FDISK and restart the computer.  It was hopeless.  USE A VIRUS
SCANNER, use it often, and BACKUP your system when its CLEAN (don't save the virus to
tape, won't help much).  McAfee's VirusScan will catch these and more, and do it all
automatically in the background.

And you thought I would forget this part didn't you!
This is the first, the best, and probably the only consistant CSOD on the Net.  It
started the whole thing, and its just getting better and better.  Make sure you look at
the little sidebars and whatnot, its a great site, very funny, and the daily "cool
site" is always worth looking at.  Highly recommended!
Every weekday, on this TV station site, Oscar Wells Gabriel II, an AP writer, updates
he feels is important in internet news.  Its usually just a short page, and full of
useful information about the Net in general.  Check it out:
Since about every 2 days someone or the other sends me a message telling me about the
latest "VIRUS" scare, I thought I would include this link.  Its part of the US
Department of Energy, the CIAC is charged with watching out for attacks on US Goverment
computers.  They have published a nice page with details on all the different virus's
out there, and of course, all the "wanna-be" virus's too.
Or check out the site at the International Computer Security Association on the same
It seems that I spend a lot of time looking at different "news" sites to get the full
story, and it gets REAL frustrating!  BUT, there is a better way.  This site, called
"NewsHub" tries to get right to the point, dragging headlines from all over the net and
compiling them in one place.  Easy to use, and easy to browse, check it out!
I know, your computer cost you $thousands, and a radio is dirt cheap these days, but
there are times when you just want to listen to a few tunes :-)
Check out this site, its a "radio" station format, but designed for the net, works
fairly well, but remember, if this is running, your "web browsing" experience will be
slowed WAY down....
I admit it, I am a files junkie.  If it says "new" or "shareware" I have got to try it
out.  I also admit, I DELETE lots of them immediately after trying them, but hey, you
gotta have a hobby don't ya?  Well, I check this site OFTEN, just to see what they have
found for me to try out today!  Check it, all computer types welcome.
Okay, 5 or 6 pages of this thing is enough.  I'll quit.  Wanted to share one more thing
with you all.  You are NOT just a number to us, we appreciate ALL of you, and what you
have helped us build.  SYIX.COM is not just a "company" we are all individuals, with
wives and families and homes and bills and everything you have, so we can easily relate
when things are not going well, and like to hear when things are going great!  Please
think of us as your friends, your neighbors, and your partners in this great
experiment, the Internet! 
One more little note, just for you Mr. H., I have been sick since Sunday night, so I
finally had time to get this put together <grin>
See ya all next time!
Dave Overton
System Administrator
NEWS@SYIX is an occasional newsletter written/produced/published by SYIX.COM for its
members, intended to inform and entertain, its not to be taken completely seriously.
Well, maybe it is.  Anyway, if you find any parts of this newsletter objectionable, let
me know!  Not that it will fix anything, it would let me know if anyone actually reads
this far down this thing.  Submissions for future issues gladly accepted. Probably
won't be used, but I will accept them.  Send email to if you have any
comments.  Batteries not included.  Warning, the computer screen you are viewing could
cause cancer.  Or the chair you are setting on, or something you did today.

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