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May 13, 1998      		    Vol 4 No 3
Welcome!  This is SYIX.COM's occasional newsletter to help keep you
informed as to happenings around here!  We hope you find this information
helpful and educational.  This one is almost ALL modem related, and not
very much fun to read, but important notices are enclosed, please take a
look at it.
SYIX.COM is 3 years old now!!!  Well, actually have been for a month or so,
but hey, I didn't get a chance to get excited about it until now!  On that
The office, and Tech Support Staff will be GONE FROM THE OFFICE on Friday
May 15 after 12:00, and all day SATURDAY May 16.  GONE means that nobody
will be there to accept payments or answer phones.  Our Entire staff is
going to take a long weekend to celebrate our 3 years of not ever having a
vacation or any time off, and head to Reno!  Our bowling teams (we have 2
of them!) are going to be bowling in a small tourney in Reno at the Hilton,
so wish us well, and try to get along without us this weekend.  The
equipment will be monitored and watched over, so if things break, they will
get fixed, so its not all that bad...
Mark your calendars!!!  On or around June 5 to June 8, 1998 we will be
converting to all digital lines, no more "modems" will be here.  PacBell
will be turning on 4 PRI lines, totaling 92 digital lines, and we will
shutting off 60 modem lines.  End result will be...
	1.  We will have 9 PRI lines incoming (207 "lines" to accept any speed
calls) which adds 32 more "lines" for you to use.
	2.  I won't have to deal with modems that overheat any more.
	3   We get to laugh that this "upgrade" is 15 times larger than what we
started with 3 years ago.
	3.  We will not have any more "28.8 only" modems online anymore
	4.  PacBell will break something again and we will get busy signals and
"no connection" errors and "line not available" errors again.  This is VERY
PROBABLY GOING TO HAPPEN!!!  I don't yet have an exact installation date, I
will be posting more info on our "updates" page at:
Just be aware, on those days, things are very probably going to be quite
flakey around here...
Silly side note, this was originally scheduled for May 20, but, get this,
PacBell doesn't have enough facilities in Yuba City to add that many T1's
at once....  Hehe.
The V.90 code is installed in our Terminal Servers, they are "Lucent"
products, one of the creators of this new 56K stuff that isn't (its really
less) but these new modems do work well.  There are still LOTS of problems
in the v.90 code, it won't work with modem "a", but works well with modem
"b" kind of stuff but its a start!  The "official" standard is not due for
months yet, but we suspect that it will all get ironed out shortly anyway.
For details on v.90 and whats going on with it, check out this news site....
FULL K56Flex support is still in place, so if you can resist the urge to
WARNING, at this date (May 13), our V.90 code does NOT work with Rockwell
based modems.  Why?  Who knows, these companies are still playing "ours is
better than yours"  AND another thing, there have been a bunch of modems
bought lately that say V.90 on the box, BUT AREN'T V.90 modems!!!  The fine
print says "compatible".  When the flash code is released, THEN they will
be V.90.  Watch the site above for more info...
If you hit "connect" and it takes your system more than 35 seconds to
connect, or more than about 5 seconds from the time it quits making noise
(if you have the sound still turned on) YOUR SYSTEM is configured WRONG.
Really.  Its an easy fix, and all you have to do it this...
1.  Open in this order..  a.  My Computer  b.  Dialup Networking  c. RIGHT
Click on "SYIX.COM" (or whatever your dialer to SYIX is called) and select
2.  Find "SERVER TYPE"
3.  Turn OFF all the check boxes EXCEPT "enable software compression" and
Its fixed!
We have been seeing a rash of "slow" or "failures" from 56k modems lately,
that have a VERY easy fix!  If for some reason, pages seem to fail, sites
won't come up, things act weird...  AND you recently plugged a phone into
that little "phone" jack on the back of your computer, UNPLUG it.  If you
do this while online, and the phone IS causing you a problem, you will see
an immediate result.  Really!  Unplug that phone, it might be causing you a
great amount of grief.  As a matter of fact, reports have come in that if
you have ANYTHING else plugged into the same line the modem is on, you
might be experiencing problems.  Try it out, unplug your phones and see
what happens.  "Good" phones don't seem to have any problems, its the
"free" type that fail a lot.
ZOOM has released the K56flex/V.90 modem, and has an interesting little
blurb on the tech support notes.  They say, and I quote "If you are more
than 3 miles from the phone company central office, you may have connection
problems with 56k technology"  Keep that in mind when you get your new 56k
modem, 3 miles is not very far....

"Electric Fences"
Wow, this one got me, had to share it with you.  Electric Fences create an
interesting affect on phone lines, it seems that when they pulse, they
create a great amount of "noise" that your phone line will pick up.  Since
they pulse every few seconds, its not enough to actually shutdown your
connection (usually) but enough to drive your data transfers nuts.  And
they can be 200-300 feet away from phone lines and still cause this affect!
 There is a way to ground your phone line so it cancels out the "pulse" but
many of the lines are not grounded in this fashion.  If you have an
electric fence anywhere near your home, call PacBell, tell them you need
your lines tested and re-grounded due to noise on the line!
"Mysterious Rabbit"
Look at this site, play the game, have fun.  Nuff said.
Thanks for your support of SYIX.COM, we REALLY appreciate the support we
receive from the community, and we really do try to give some back with our
free non-profit pages and help in the community events.  SYIX.COM is a
success because YOU have made us Number ONE!
Thanks again!
Dave Overton
System Administrator
Dave Overton		SYIX.COM - because there IS a difference
(530) 755-1751						     (800) 988-SYIX
Created for you by: The Webmaster of SYIX.COM
Copyright 1998 [SYIX.COM]. All rights reserved.
Revised: Thursday, June 19, 2003

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