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Drawing of Marysville arch

The original arches were constructed at seven locations in the commercial district of Marysville in 1911 as supports for overhead electric lines used by the electric trolley system. Thousands gathered the evening of December 20, 1911 to watch the ceremonial lighting of the arches.

The arches were dismantled between 1924 and 1925 due to structural and electrical problems caused by lack of maintenance. In 1925, the arch at 3rd and C street was donated to the Rio Linda Grange.

With the help of several volunteers and use of PG&E; equipment the arch was dismantled and transported to Rio Linda. On July 23, 1926, the repaired arch was dedicated at the intersection of Rio Linda Blvd and M street where it still stands as a historic landmark.

Mr. David Scott began a campaign to reconstruct seven of the arches to bring a part of history back to Marysville. The City of Marysville became a part of the effort when it applied for a grant from Cal Trans and the California Transportation Commission.

The first of the new arches was erected at 5th and D Streets and was dedicated April 12, 1996. The Arch is a four-column steel structure which peaks to a cupola in the center of the intersection. The arch is outlined with 120 15-watt lamps and a single globe lamp hangs from the cupola. There is also a flag atop the cupola lit by spotlights at night.

Three of the original foundation structures were used to erect the new arch but a new foundation had to be made at the northeast corner.

Future arches will be erected along D Street as funds become available.

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