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Senior Employment Services

Protection & Advocacy

Yuba Sutter Mental Health--Patient Advocate

1965 Live Oak Blvd., Yuba City, CA 95991

530 / 822-7200

Services Provided:

Provides advocacy for Mental Health patients and families. Contact Person: Linda Kestermont

Fees or Charges: None


Yuba - Sutter Legal Center for Seniors

725 D Street, Marysville, CA 95901

530 / 742-8289

Services Provided:

Legal Services provided to persons over 60. Handles cases related to Social Security, Medicare, Medi-Cal, Social Security over-payments. Represents at both local level and hearing level in Sacramento. Cases of elder abuse and competency as well as other problems of the senior citizen are often handled as well. Small Claims Court assistance regardless of age is also available.

Eligibility Requirements: 60+ years old.

Fees or Charges: None - donations are encouraged.


Public Guardians

Yuba-Sutter Mental Health

1965 Live Oak Boulevard ,Yuba City, CA 95991
PO Box 1555, Yuba City, CA 95992

530 / 822-7250


Peach Tree Mall

6000 Lindhurst Ave., Marysville, CA 95901

530/ 741-6306

Services Provided:

People who are deemed no longer capable of handling their own financial affairs may become conservatees of the Public Guardian. After a court determines the need for such assistance, the Public Guardian establishes a trust fund for the person, with which he pays the conservatee's bills, gives him money for personal needs, makes medical appointments and otherwise monitors the welfare of the person, making sure he has food, clothing and shelter. Some conservatees continue in independent living situations, some are in board and care, some may return to live with family when possible. Others may be in locked facilities. Guardians see to it that the clients are not a danger to themselves or others and that others do not take advantage of them.

Eligibility Requirements: Based on determination of need.

Fees or Charges: According to ability to pay.


Senior Ombudsman Advocacy Project

Northern California Chapter

517 12th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814


24 hour line -- 1-800-231-4024

Local Ombudsman -- 530/755-2018

Contact Person: Morgan Powell Ransom

Services Provided:

Investigates and resolves complaints for seniors in licensed long term care facilities. Reporting agency for suspected dependent and elder abuse in any licensed facility. Act as witnesses for durable power of attorney for health care in any skilled nursing facility. Trains volunteer Ombudsmen. If you can help, call Morgan Powell or leave message at Legal Center for Seniors.

Fees or Charges: None

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