How Do I Know if my PC is Infected with Malware?

Unless the symptoms are obvious, you cannot know 100% for sure if your PC is infected or not. Here are some common Indicators of malware infections to help you decide if you need to have your PC tested or cleaned:


1. Is your PC all of a sudden running very slow or erratic?

2. Is your Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus program performing strangely or not at all?

3. Does “Windows Update” fail to work? (Start > All Programs > Windows Update)

4. Does the “Task Manager” fail to work? (Ctrl-Alt-Del)

5. Does “System Restore” fail to open? (Start > Help and Support > System Restore)

6. Internet Explorer or Firefox issues:

                a. Has your Browser Homepage changed by itself?

                b. When you search on-line with Google or another search engine, do your searches come up

                with wierd results or do the results send you to unexpected websites?

                c. Have any new Toolbars appeared in your browser?

7. Are you suddenly being barraged with pop-up ads with or without the browser running?

8. Have new Icons, files, or folders unexpectedly appeared on the Desktop?

9. Do you have missing Icons, files, or folders?

10. Has your PC started crashing, freezing, stopping with a Blue Error Screen (BSOD), or is it rebooting by itself?

11. Is your printer acting strangely or printing wrong?

12. Have unexpected messages or unexpected windows started popping up?

13. Does the hard-drive seem to be working harder/constantly flashing the drive light all of a sudden?

14. Are your friends claiming that they have received e-mails from your e-mail address that were not

sent by you?


If your answer to any question above is YES, your PC could be infected. SYIX.COM has been cleaning and removing Malware and Virus infections since 1995, our years of experience will make you glad you came to us, we do it right, the first time!