So you gave it a lot of thought, you know that old WinXP computer is going to surely let you down when you need it most.  What to do? Our suggestions are easy:


  • Get the most computer you can for your money     You don't want to do this again right away
  • Get as many of your old files/mails/addresses/etc as you can off the old computer onto the new one BEFORE you start using it.  ($65.00 for members)
  • Windows 8.1 still is very hard to learn, and a bit silly at how it does things, but we have a solution that helps add a "start" button to the screen and the usual menus. 
  • Getting that bunch of big boxes off your screen helps a lot.  (free to members)
  • Take a minute and decide if you need another computer, we all have options now, and tablets are pretty sweet solution if you don't need the other computer features.


  • For many of you the arrival of the computer is a fun joyous event.  Just don't have so much fun that you forget to make the recovery disks, you will find that there are NO disks at all with your new computer, and that could mean buying windows all over again later on. Hope these few things make it easier!  You know we can help if you ask.