OKAY, THE COVID 19 VIRUS WINS.  I'll stay home...
Effective Tuesday, April 7, the office will remain locked up most of the day, I'll work from home and keep things going from there. 
Calls will be answered like normal, but in person visits will only be available with an appointment.
So, Need answers?  Call me!  530-755-1751
Need a human?  Call me!  530-755-1751 and lets setup a time to meet at the office
Regular Mail and whatnot will be handled as normal, I'll make at least one visit here a day to handle that.
If you need to drop off a check, please use the slot on the right side of the door, if you need/want to pay with cash, call me and we'll work something out.
Please stay healthy, we can't bear to loose a single one of our friends.
BONUS:  Here are a few links to help you track the progress of this virus: