Around 7:30am today the power failed in this part of Yuba City, our system dropped back to batteries, and ran until 7:50am or so, at which time the batteries ran dry.  After everthing came back up around 8:40, 1 of the servers here suffered a hard drive failure, and the mail server came up in a failed state.  Mail is currently rebuilding its array, and should be fine shortly, and I have moved services off the other machine.  Its still running just slowly, but that repair won't affect you guys.
So, 10:27am, mail is almost done rebuilding, and the other server (virtual host 01) is getting fixed soon.
Power is my curse lately.  Sorry again!
10:35am, the mail server is happy again
(oh yes, wanted to add, Since last week I have been working on a new mail server, with new fancier features.  I think the old server knows it)