How Do I Know if my PC is Infected with Malware?

Unless the symptoms are obvious, you cannot know 100% for sure if your PC is infected or not. Here are some common Indicators of malware infections to help you decide if you need to have your PC tested or cleaned:


1. Is your PC all of a sudden running very slow or erratic?

The little SYIXMail application here has been updated today, now running 1.03 if you are keeping track Cool
Let us know if something is broken that wasn't yesterday!
For details on what was actually changed:
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Fraud Alert!
There is a SCAM going around targetting our members directly.  They are calling and claiming to be representing SYIX, and asking you to send your payment to some address in another city!  NOT US!
My Win7 computer had about 70Mb of updates to do, be sure you get yours patched this week!
Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful Independence Day! 
The office is of course closed, but I'm still working (never stop it seems)
I get this email a LOT!
What anti virus program do you recommend?
My current (June 2014) answer is:

Saturday/Sunday June 7 and 8, from 6:30am to 10:30pm the phone company was dropping our dialup calls.  They were either a fast busy or a no circuts available.  They sent a series of apologies, none of which got things fixed, but finally did get things working again just a few minutes ago.

I know not too many of you were impacted,